DIY Storage Tutorial

Ok, I’m finally getting to share my DIY Fabric Storage Basket Tutorial with you.

1. Gather materials: fabric, boxes, glue (spray adhesive), scissors

st box tutorial 003







2. Cut material to fit box.

Cut material to fit around your box and place your box in the center.

Cut material to fit around your box and place your box in the center.










3. Cut from each fabric corner to the corner of your box.  *Now you can also square out the corners, and then cut to the corner of the box, which is the method I prefer.  However, this is the way I did it for this tutorial.

st box tutorial 005







4. Get started gluing.  Spray your adhesive on one side of the box and smooth the fabric over it.  It will lap over the other sides, which is fine, just glue those down as well.  Once your outside is secured and smoothed, you can glue the fabric to the inside of the box in the same manner.

Notice the overlapping on the sides not yet done...that's okay.

Notice the overlapping on the sides not yet done…that’s okay.








5. Glue your last two sides onto the box, following the same previous steps.  If you your material still overlaps the other sides, no problem…unless you are using a print where it will not blend.  In that case you will want to trim your fabric.

st box tutorial 007







6.  And viola!  You now have a cute little storage box.  You can use any size box for this project.  I’ve done one for our wii stuff for the living room, and I’ve done 2 of these for my daughter’s room.  She has a shelf beside her bed for books, her bugsby system, stuffed animals, and whatever else she feels the need to keep close to her.  I made these to hold books.

st box tutorial 008

See how well they work!  And aren’t they just adorable!






I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and if you have any questions on how to do this, ask away.  I’d be happy to help.  You could add labels to your boxes, ribbon, anything…get creative!  I promise you will be glad you made one of these!


We’re Expanding

Nope not the house or the family, but the blog!  That’s right…we’re expanding the blog!  I just added a new page, ‘Family Recipes’.  I get a lot of questions about what we eat around here and how I do a month’s worth of groceries for about $180 each month.  And when I coupon, it’s closer to the $125 range.  Doing that requires a bit of planning.  I make out a ‘rough’ menu, as I call it, and check out the local sales for the week I shop.  But I’ll spare you all those details for later.  That’s where I’ll be sharing my how to’s on the menu planning, shopping, grocery budget, and recipes.  I promise my recipes will be things that are easy to do and your family will enjoy…yes…even your kids.  Because trust me…I live in a picky household.  It is not easy to feed my husband and child!

Looking forward to sharing!!

Answered Prayers for the Somewhat Undeserving

This morning as we transitioned from our coffee time (yes, Sassy drinks coffee) to school time, my little Sassy uttered moans and complaints.  This was the second day in a row she had complained about having to do school.  I stopped in my tracks quite disappointed, to be honest.  I told her than an education was not an option.  Without one she could never hold a good job, provide for her family, or properly care for her children and future husband.  Whether it happened at home or away at school it had to happen.  She starred at me like I was a crazy woman and then walked to the classroom to her table and sat down.  I know she loves homeschool, but I also know she is a typically, everyday kid.  But y’all…I don’t want her actions to just be typical.  As I sat down I explained to her that we needed to be thankful for school and our education that are freely allowed to have here in America.  I went on to talk about how we have been blessed with the things we need: clothing, food, water, and a roof over our heads.  I explained to her that every single other thing was a bonus blessing, so look at how much God has blessed us.  I reminded her of the homeless and parent-less in the world.  I then asked her if she thought we deserved the many blessings we’ve been given more than those people.  She sat silently for a moment and looked a bit perplexed as she thought about it.  I then broke her bubble…because I could see her five year old brain was telling her she was better than other people…I told her “NO!”.  I told her that each of us is born as a filthy, sinful being capable of good, but consumed by evil.  I explained that without Christ and what he did for us, we are nothing and we are full of sin…complaints, bad thoughts, and all.  It seemed she started to get it.  So I asked her….”What makes us better and more deserving of God’s blessings than others?”.  Her response was, “nothing…we don’t deserve it”.  “You’re exactly right!”, I said.  So many of those people living without did nothing wrong…they just got dealt a different hand than the rest of us.  I then went on talking about how our words, reactions, thoughts, and actions should always reflect the love of God and his love for us.  And complaining does NOT do that.  Complaining means we are unhappy, or disappointed about something, and we are voicing that in some manner.  I asked her if that sounded in any way like something we would do if we felt thankful.  She shook her head.  I continued on explaining to her that because we’ve been so blessed, we should be very thankful….even for the tiny things.  I could then see that she was understanding and so we got school started.  As she sat working I thanked God for that opportunity with her and for the many blessings and answered prayers we’ve had, because let’s face it…I don’t deserve it.  I had to ask God to forgive me for my complaining, too.  Humbling in itself because until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t even felt convicted about complaining.  The last few weeks I was working on not complaining, and let me tell you…when you make the conscience effort it is tough.  I don’t think we realize how much we do it.  I also asked God to give me the strength and wisdom to not complain, and to live my life in a way that ALWAYS honors Him.  I’m sure Sassy learned something from our talk this morning, but truth be told…I learned the most.



I’ve shared with you in the past that God has really been answering our prayers lately, and just like my talk with Sassy this morning, we don’t deserve it.  We have done nothing worthy of God’s grace in our lives.  But he has granted that grace to us many times.  Last week I had to go into see my Dr. for a 6 month re-check so to speak due to some results I had gotten 6 months prior.  Nothing too serious, but of course nothing like that is ever pleasant.  I’ve been a little worried about the results, and prayed for God to easy my concern and for his will to be done and that no matter what his name would be glorified through it.  At my appointment the nurse told me I would get a letter.  “Joy!”, I thought….a letter instead of a call meant I’d have to wait at least three days longer to find out the results.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it…LOL!  Well, today I checked the mail, looking for that letter, just as I had for the past four days.  There it was.  I immediately tore open the envelope, but I stopped to pray for God’s peace and will before I took out the letter.  And praise be to God the results were negative and everything is fine!  I couldn’t help but think back to that conversation this morning.  Why had God answered my prayer?  I didn’t deserve that.  But what a sweet reminder of how awesome and loving our God is.  I am so thankful that he answers prayers even for the undeserving.


Happy Friday!!

Read the Bible in One Year

I am currently working on reading the bible in one year.  Yes, that is correct…the entire bible.  Many people just start in Genesis and read right on through, which is what I’ve done before as a teenager.  However, I can’t say that I have honestly read the whole thing because when I’d reach those genealogy chapters…I’d skip em.  Not this time.  This time I am reading every verse and every chapter.  And now that I’m older and more mature in my walk with Christ, I can see the importance in reading that information.  This time I am using a chronological method, provided by our Sunday School.  Many of the others are doing this as well, which I think makes it really special.  We are all able to share with one another what we are learning throughout the entire year in our readings.  So, I thought I’d share it with you in case you would be interested in jumping on board.  You may choose to make today your day 1, or play catch up over the next couple of days to get on track with the schedule.  Currently we do ours during our bible time each night.  You may prefer to do yours in the morning or during your lunch break.  I am currently doing a women’s bible study in the mornings, and doing this in the evenings, which I am really loving.  It’s been nice starting my day off with Jesus, and then ending it with his word as well.

Happy Reading!  Please feel free to share what you learn along your journey, as I will be doing the same.

Constant Reminders From Above

Here is the entry I wrote the other day when I came across my entry on contentment.  God is soo good!!

Jan. 8, 2013

Thank you Lord for your constant reminders and reassurance!

Today was the first time I’ve read my Sept. 24the entry since the day it was written; and what a sweet reminder it was for me.  It reminded me that I need not worry and God has provided.  Since September we sold our home and Justin got a new job at Rapides, which he loves.  We also were able to get into a very affordable rental, and received double the amount expected from the sale of our home.  This enabled us to pay off a very large debt we were carrying.  So, needless to say, God answered our prayers in ways much larger than we could have ever imagined or prayed for.  (Makes me wonder what he has in mind in regard to our prayer for more children!?! )

God often answers our prayers in the most unexpected ways, when we least expect it.  Sometimes I think that is the best part of my daily Christian life.  I’m always eager to see what God is going to do next, and he always leaves me in awe.



Wow!  Isn’t God good y’all!  We never could have imagined that everything would work out exactly how it did with coach’s job situation, the house, finding a rental, paying off debt, etc.  We could never have planned it all to work out as wonderfully as God did.  We are still working on the debt, but God as certainly answered our prayers.  Back in Sept. we had three major prayer requests for God: 1. A better work environment for my hubby  2. Our home to sell so we could follow through on our commitment to live God’s way  3. That he give us more children.  There were other (smaller) requests during that time, but those were the big three.  I expected God to work and answer us, but never the way he did.  God answered 2 of those big three requests right off.  I mean, who am I that God would answer two major prayer requests of mine.  Because the truth is, although those were “big” requests for us, in comparison to what others around the world were dealing with, they were nothing.  Yet God still showed up.  God is always workings.  We never have to worry about tomorrow because the truth is He is already there.  What a blessing that is to know!

A Lesson in Contentment

I wanted to share with y’all a journal entry I came across the other day that I hadn’t shared with you and forgot I had written.  The entry from the day I found this one will follow.

Sept. 24, 2012

Thank you Lord for showing me what it means to be content in you.  Thank you for the peace you bring in the midst of life’s roughest storms.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”                                                                                               – Philippians 4:12-13

You could almost say that those two verses were our sermon Sunday.  Truth be told, they were.  There was more to it, but for my heart, that sums it up pretty well.  If you would have asked me last week if I was content with my life, I would have answered, “Yes!”.  I then would have gone on a little about why, and then I would have thrown in a very tiny ‘but clause’ at the end of that reasoning.  I would have said, “I love our home, but we would like to make a few changes.”…or…”My husband makes decent money, but we could really use more.”…or…”I love and adore my precious daughter, and we are so thankful for her, but we would love to have more children.”   See what I mean?!  Those answers do not sound like something you would hear from someone who is content.  I really thought I was, but man did God open my eyes to the truth.  So my prayer Sunday was this:

“Lord, I haven’t been content.  I thought I was, but now I see the truth.  Thank you for opening my eyes to your truth!  I want to be content, God.  I come before you, laying it all at your feet.  I give my worries, Lord.  I give you our finances.  I give you my husbands job situation.  I give you the sell of our home.  Lord, I give you our fertility issues.  I’m letting go, Lord.  Your will is my heart’s desire.  I will be content in you.  I will trust you, and I will be faithful.  Thank you for what you’ve done for me and my family, Lord.  Give us wisdom to always follow your truth and your will.  Amen.”

Letting go of all of those things felt empowering.  It’s something I struggled with God over for a very long time.  I know struggles will still arise, but I know that God has it under control.


Hey y’all!  Sorry I’ve been gone so long!  I wanted to give you a quick update on everything that has been going on and how things are running in the Kees household.

1. Since our holiday break from schooling, I’ve def. struggled getting back into routine.  However, we are still working on it and school does happen around here.  Some days are more rigorous than others, but it gets done.  I promise I’ll have some more fun/cute learning projects for you soon.

2. The weight loss is going…it’s slow and steady, but I’m happy with that.  So far I’ve lost about 27lbs since starting my new workout regimen and all.  Since I started actually losing weight a little while before that, I’ve lost a total of around 31lbs.  Sometimes the scale doesn’t move much, or in the most recent case, the scale went up 5lbs in one week, and that drives me crazy!  But…I can see a difference and my big clothes are now loose, and my smaller big clothes are now getting loose.  So…I see that as progress.  My friends keep telling me to stop weighing because muscle weighs more than fat and I’m def. doing daily workouts that are building my muscles.  So…I’m going to attempt to quit the scale!  It isn’t about the number!

3.  Coach is still loving his job at his new school, which means we are all happy as a lark now.  However, their basketball season goes on forever!!  I’m telling you…forever!  Thankfully it is almost over.  From there we move on to softball and track.  At least with softball we are able to be more involved and attend more games.

4.  I was finally able to take my clomid this month.  I didn’t worry about going in for work-ups or anything since last time I saw my doctor he wanted me to take b.c.  I just well, I’ve got it…might as well use it.  So, if it works and we are able to get pregnant, fabulous.  If it doesn’t, we tried.  So, I’ll keep you guys updated on that.  Since taking the clomid I’ve had none of the side effects they list, but have had some others after I finished the round that made me feel less than great.  It’s been about 1.5 weeks since I took the last of it, and I’m still feeling not quite myself, but surely that will pass soon.

I think that should pretty well get y’all caught up with where our family is at right now.  I hope everyone is doing great!  Please let me know if you have any prayer requests that I can add to my list.  I would love to be able to be in prayer for y’all.

God Bless!