Store Bought Mom to Homemade Mom

I am so honored and excited to share today’s guest post from a wonderful friend of mine.  She has been such a blessing in my life I couldn’t keep all her wisdom to myself.  I am so thrilled that she was willing to share with all my fabulous readers.  
Thank you for this opportunity to share with you how I have gone from a store bought mom to a homemade mom. Almost two years ago, I quit my full time job to become a homeschooling mom. I knew I would have to cut corners on our monthly spending. So I dove head first into couponing. I knew there had to be more I could save on, so I started researching homemade cleaning supplies. The money I saved by going homemade on those supplies was not the only plus, it had health benefits as well. Which for a mom of 3 with 1 having reacquiring health issues, it was a big plus. So I started with 4 easy recipes: glass cleaner, shower cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and an all-purpose cleaner. I used them daily and loved them! Was there more I could make and save on? Back to researching I went, then I found the recipe for dishwasher detergent and powder laundry soap. They both worked great! After months of using the homemade cleaners, I wondered what else could I make homemade? I made a list of our most bought and probably most expensive items. Then I set out to find recipes for those items. After I spent time reading blogs and Pinterest, I had found more homemade recipes! I have made and continue to make the following items homemade: Bisquick mix, Jiffy cornbread muffin mix, brownie mix, dry onion soup mix, dry ranch dressing, taco seasoning, brown gravy mix, chicken gravy mix, cream of chicken soup mix, cream of mushroom soup mix, and I have finally perfected my bread making!! I am always looking more ways to save my family money and more homemade recipes. The benefits have been: less money spent monthly, no added chemicals/preservatives, and they taste/clean better.
Patricia is a Christ follower, wife, and a homeschooling mom to 3 boys. She enjoys baking, crafts, spending time outdoors with family, and a good book.
Many thanks again to Patricia for stopping by to share with us how she ditched the processed, store bought stuff and went homemade.  What an inspiration!
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