Nine Months

It has been a long nine months since my last post.  Do you know how long that is?!  You could have had a baby without me ever knowing!  A lot can happen in nine months.  I am terribly sorry!  I guess that goes to show just how busy our family has been.  Let me catch you up…

  • The baby is now a 14 month old TODDLER!!!  Where did the time go?  We celebrated her big day with a Minnie Mouse party…she adores that bow wearing mouse.
  • I survived the school year…data and all!  Don’t tell anyone, but amidst all the crazy I love it!
  • Sassy showed 2nd grade who is boss…as if we ever questioned that!  Seriously, she blew it out of the water!
  • Our softball team set some school records.  We had a very successful season, and are very proud of our “adopted daughters”.
  • Over Thanksgiving break we went to Disney World.  Best vacation ever!
  • Our end of school/summer vacation was to Branson.  Not so fun….a virus began taking us out one by one the night we arrived.  It was certainly memorable, but not the way we imagined.

These are the main points of the year, and brings us to present day.  I am currently at a four day AP training.  While the training isn’t the most fun in the world, I am here with my ‘teaching BFF’ as I call her.  In all honesty, she has become a real BFF…she is me and I am her; it is freaky, but I love her.  I could not have survived the school year without her.  I’ve enjoyed her company immensely this week.  It is the first time I’ve left my baby for more than the day for work, and I couldn’t have done it without her.  I learned so many things from teaching this past year that I want to share, but that will have to wait for another day as sleep is calling my name.

I wish this post was more interesting, but I guess it comes with the territory when you go without posting so long.  My goal is to be much more active on here from this point on.  I missed out on sharing so much with you during the school year.  I hope I can recall some of those things over the next month to share with you.