The Infamous Fork in the Road

Do you ever wish God would just write the answer down to the ‘big’ question you’ve been asking him, wrap it up all pretty and have it delivered to your doorstep?  That’s pretty much where I am right now.  I feel as if I am literally standing at the infamous fork in the road; I can go left, or I can go right, but I can’t go back.  Do you know how frustrating that is!?

I’m blessed enough to have a family member who does ultrasounds for a living.  So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve had ultrasounds to see what my ovaries are up to.  Can I just tell you….they are up to NO GOOD!  Both have a bunch of tiny cysts, and there is no sign of a dominant follicle.  For a couple of weeks now, things in the reproductive area have been dormant.  Literally!  There has been no change at all, and I am a week late.  That might be TMI, but that’s where the truth lies.  I realize for those of us with PCOS, irregularity is ‘normal’, but you have to understand for me…being late is so not normal, especially since I’ve been so regular for the past 8 to 10 months.  So I don’t know what is going on!  I’m just keeping on keeping on.  Still doing my normal exercising, eating right, taking my meds., etc.  Over the past couple of weeks, Coach and I have talked a lot (between the two of us and with family), about what we are open to fertility treatment wise and what insurance will cover (which is basically nothing).  Coach is really feeling led to give a few “simplier” fertility options a shot.  (I say simplier VERY lightly!  If you know much about fertility treatments, you know there really isn’t such a thing as a simple fertility treatment option.)  However, we are torn by the reminder that it is costly and not guaranteed to work.  On the other hand, I realized that although I’ve always had PCOS, I never had any of the symptoms/problems until after I had gotten pregnant with Sassy and gained all the weight I’ve been packing around (which greatly effects PCOS).  So I feel like if I can just keep battling through the weight loss, maybe I can get the symptoms to subside enough to get pregnant again.  Having PCOS makes weight loss extrememly difficult, but not impossible.  So, the road to my left leads to a path of fertility treatments.

What’s the other road?  Well, adoption of course.  We know we want to adopt at some point, and feel led to pursue adoption once we get settled into our next home.  So my prayer has been for God to reveal to us whether he desires us to go left, and pursue more fertility options, or to go right and just wait for the right time to pursue an adoption.  Truth be told….I’m wanting both.  However, I realize that pursuing both over the course of the next year may not be God’s will.  And we want to follow God’s will.  We’ve learned that our will never works out, but God’s way is always right.  So please feel free to pray along side us as we seek God’s will in growing our family.

Thanks for all of your prayers, good thoughts, and support!  We appreciate you!

On a happier note…..we leave for the beach in only 9 days!!!!   (Maybe a good vacation will help clear our minds and open our hearts to be able to recieve God’s answer.)


Adoption Orientation

Yesterday we had our adoption orientation with a potential agency in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Coach and I were very excited/nervous/anxious about our meeting because for us, this was the first step in the direction we’ve felt led to go for a very long time.  And let’s face it…we had NO CLUE what to expect!  So, Coach and I left around 9:30 that morning, after Sassy headed off to her Granny’s house.  I didn’t want to just sleep on the ride up there, so I had been saving up some magazines that a sweet friend had been passing on to me.  As we drove I began reading through those magazines one-by-one.  The first one took up a lot of my reading time because it had a lot of good articles!  As I came to the end of the magazine, I saw an article titled: Easing Your Family’s Concerns: When Grandma and Grandpa Don’t Share Your Vision For Adoption.  My jaw dropped and I immediately looked up from my magazine.  In my mind I was thanking God, because he knew I need this article.  “Wow!”, I stated.  I turned and looked at my husband.  He was wondering what in the world I was so shell shocked over.  I couldn’t even speak, but lifted the magazine up, showing it to him.  Obviously he is still driving at this point and I finally realize I should get myself together at this point and read it to him.  So, I read him the title of the article.  He looked at me amazed and said, “Well, get to reading it!”.  God love that man!  The family’s story was slightly different than ours of course, but the principles were the same as what we were dealing with.  See, most of our family has responded wonderfully to our news about digging deeper into the adoption world….MOST of them.  Of course, as we expected, certain grandparents didn’t respond so well.  We weren’t surprised, but we left wishing they could understand.  They didn’t meet the news with complete dissatisfaction, but they also weren’t supportive in their comments.  Basically we were told that we are young and need to slow down, getting too anxious to grow our family, and that maybe we only need one child.  It is so hard to help people understand the desire to have more children, but I find it even harder to help the understand the deep desire to follow God’s calling.  Yes, we struggle with fertility, but it is not impossible for us to have more children the old fashioned way.  But we believe God builds families in all sorts of ways; and how could adoption (or even fostering) ever NOT be God’s desire for his followers.  Maybe His timing is different than a family’s desire for it, but God clearly calls us to care for the orphans.  So, needless to say, those words were really bothering me over the last week.  That article was exactly what I needed.  It provided me assurance and advice on how to handle those responses.  Isn’t God amazing!  I could have easily picked up that magazine to read over a week ago when it was given to me, but I didn’t.  Or maybe I could have not gotten to it on this trip and read it on a later date.  But I didn’t!  God gave me that article exactly how and when he knew I would need it.
Once we arrived in Shreveport we went to the boardwalk to just walk around and take in the sights a bit.  Of course I had to stop in The Chocolate Crocodile for a treat.  Coach got me a mint chocolate covered oreo and a milk chocolate covered strawberry.  Needless to say, they were both AMAZING!!!  We were at the boardwalk for about an hour before it was time to head to our appointment.  On the way to the office I became very nervous!  I looked over and asked Coach if he was nervous.  He said, “No.  Why?  Are you nervous?”  I was kind of surprised he wasn’t nervous, but I told him that I was nervous.  I told him I get nervous when I go to the doctor’s office, though.  It only took us about twelve minutes to get the agency’s office.  As we got out of the car I prayed for God’s guidance, assurance, and peace.  As we opened the door to the office, all of my worries vanished and I didn’t feel nervous anymore.
The office there is beautiful and very comfortable, which I found very reassuring.  We were greeted and waited on the couch in the front as they prepared for us.  Once they were ready, we were taken to their office down the hall and were introduced to the director.  We met with her and the lady she works with, who handles most of the their homestudy work.  They were very welcoming and immediately made us feel comfortable.  They jumped right in and started at the beginning with some general information on adoption and laws here in Louisiana.  Of course I already knew most of that with all the research I had done, but it was nice to have the information confirmed through a professional.  Of course I went prepared with a list of questions and a notebook to write everything down.  I’m a list maker for sure!  As she talked I had my pen moving as fast as I could move it.  Once she got into the specifics of their agency, I was able to ask the questions that we had as we went through everything.  They answered all of our questions and more.  They were so easy to talk to!  Of course Coach mostly just sat back and listened, taking everything in, while I was right there in the middle of it all asking a million questions.  When we left the office, we left satisfied and excited about what the future holds.  We left with answers that made us smile.  We left knowing that these were good people, who really cared about all the parties involved in adoption.  The ladies were very honest with us about all the options in terms of adopting a baby, and how they only work with so many couples at a time so that people are not waiting for three plus years to adopt a baby.  They really encouraged us to spread the word around town that we want to adopt, as many couples end up adopting that way.  We left very happy.  This agency is definitely on the top of our list.  I can not tell you how nice it was to actually be able to go and meet with the agency, rather than simply correspond through email, text and phone calls, as all the others have been.
So, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Okay, now what then??”.  Well, so were we when we left.  As for now, we are planning, making a game plan.  I think we have decided that for now we will do a lot of praying and a lot of saving.  We hope to start doing some type of fundraising soon to start raising the money to fund an adoption.  We also plan to start spreading the word locally that we want to adopt.  Once we find a new home to purchase we plan to really get active in pursuing adoption.  We will then apply with an agency if we don’t already have a little to adopt by that point, and take on fundraising full force.  So, yes, we are going to adopt!  We also discussed the possibility of pregnancy occurring during all of this.  Should that happen, we would welcome it (of course) and still move forward with adoption plans.  For us, this is not just about having more kids, it’s about the will of God and his perfect love. 
Adoption is not cheap, and this is something we are doing on faith alone.  We are trusting that God will fully provide the funds for us to adopt a precious life.  That means that we will be doing a lot of fundraising!  I can tell you now that when that time comes, any and all help/advice/suggestions are greatly welcomed.  If you have fundraising ideas for us, please do share, as we are already working on a list.
What to praying for:
  • Please pray that God do a work in our hearts, and our family’s heart in preparation for adoption.
  • Please pray that God will lead us in the direction he desires and that we will recognize that.

  • Please pray that God will open the door for us to find our next home over the next few months so that we can comfortably move forward.  (Yes, we have the room now to take in a child, but we would like to be in a more settled/permanent place since we are planning on moving within the next 6 months.
  • Please pray that God will provide the way to bring a child into our lives.
Thank you so very much for all the prayers, good thoughts, and support.  It means the world to us!  We have the most amazing friends and family!  We are truly blessed!

Family Update

Well, I figure it is due time for another general family update.  T-Ball is in full swing!  We are loving it, even though our team isn’t very good.  The girls are having a great time, and that is what matters right now.  Coach’s summer ball is also in full swing now.  We had a local tournament this past weekend, where the girls won one out of four of their games.  Not too bad for a young group.  This coming weekend we will be traveling to Monroe to play.  Sassy is excited to go back and see where she use to live as a little baby.  (Hard to believe she was a little baby with the way she grows.) 
Of course our school here (Kees Academy) has been completed for some time now, so for now we are just doing some general work until I get our summer curriculum rolling.  Our order should be in any day now!!  We are anxiously waiting for it!
A couple of weeks ago I went in for my 21 day progesterone labs.  After a week of calling for results, I was finally told that they were basically no good because they need me to come in for a 3-day, and then a 21-day.  Wish I would have known!!  So that was super frustrating!!!  Especially now that I know it looks like our insurance isn’t going to cover a single dime of it.  So…for those of you who get pregnant on a whim…be thankful!  For those of us who aren’t so blessed, it is costly, time consuming, and frustrating.  So please be in prayer for my patience, and that insurance will pull through on all these labs and cover some of the cost. 
Since we are on the whole fertility subject…I guess I’ll let the cat out of the bag, as we could use your prayers.  Justin and I will be traveling to Shreveport on Wednesday to meet with an adoption agency for an orientation.  The meeting is mainly just for us to get some good information and really get a good feel for the agency.  We have always had a heart for adoption, and have definitely been feeling a tug in that direction over the past year.  So whether we take a step forward into pursuing adoption, or just get a good foundation to do it in the future, please be in prayer for us.  You can be praying for safe travels, the guidance of the Lord through our meeting and beyond, the right questions to be asked, clear answers, courage and strong faith to see God’s will for our family, and all anxiety to disappear.  As with every decision our family makes, one side is supportive while the other thinks we’re crazy.  Of course if you’ve been reading my postings for any amount of time, you know that we don’t really care.  As harsh as it sounds, we only strive to follow God and please him.  As long as God calls us, we will follow.  Whether family and friends stand by us, or fall behind us.  Some days that is really tough for us to remember, but we know God knows what is best for each us.
Our annual MOPS po-boy sale went great!  Thanks to everyone who helped us out, made donations, and ordered!! Everyone has raved about the po-boys, and we made a good profit.  God has definitely blessed our group!  Our coordinators did a fabulous job, as always!!  I will hate to see them step down this year, and I certainly hope us new gals can fill their shoes!  BTW….if you’re a mom of little ones…you NEED MOPS!!  You may not realize it now, but come to one meeting and you will be hooked.  I promise.
I hope that each of you is having a good week.  If you have any prayer needs, please let us know, as we would love the opportunity to be in prayer with/for you and your family.
God Bless!!!  Have a super-duper week!

A&F Controversy

Just admit it!  You knew I would share this article and open my mouth about it.  Apparently this bully hasn’t learned that world is jumping on the anti-bullying bandwagon, for the most part.  I hate to say it, but the world is going to chew this guy up and spit him out!  Aside from that…I feel sorry for him.  Yes, what he is saying is horribly wrong, and frankly I hope he isn’t married…poor woman.  Can imagine trying to be married to a man who thinks like that?!?  I can’t.  God definitely does not guide his life.  But yes, I feel sorry for him because what kind of a lifestyle must this mean for him.  If he thinks it is all about being “hot” and “cool”, or being “in the in crowd”….I can’t imagine his daily routines to keep himself ‘up to standards’.  I figure the guy must have pretty low self-esteem…his words scream insecurity.  This is a person, as well as a company, I will be praying for.

Personally, I have never cared for the company…their ads, clothing, employees, stores, etc.  I don’t like any of it!  Their stores smell way too strong, are too dimly lit, and their employees snotty.  Their clothes are cheaply made, yet cost a fortune.  Their ads…well…I believe they speak for themselves…inappropriate and raunchy.  I won’t go on because I’m not here to be ugly.

I just thought I’d share the news with my readers!

Summer School Schedule

I’ve worked out our summer school schedule, so here is what it will look like:

[Orange represents days of no school/School days are blocked in yellow]

June School Schedule

July School Schedule

August School Schedule

Once I get all my lessons laid out for the summer I will go in and field trips and library days.  You will notice after the first full week of August I stopped blocking out days in yellow.  This is because this will begin our ‘regular’ school year.  So from August 12th forward only holidays and special days will be noted.  

First Order

I am so excited to be able to tell y’all that I am making my first curriculum order today!  Yay for me!  I’m so excited…if ya can’t already tell.  Today I am ordering our History curriculum, as well as a small Science curriculum that we will do this summer.  The Science I am ordering is called My Body, for grades 1-4.  Basically kids make a life-size paper replica of themselves, and the book goes through each part of the body (in a general, yet informative manner) teaching them what it is and its function.  They then create a diagram and place it on their [paper] body.  By the end they have a full scale body with all of its working parts in order.  In case you are interested, you can find both of these items on  I’m not sharing my full curriculum plans just yet, but once I have completely settled on them, I will fill you in.  I will tell you that my summer curriculum is different from my regular school year curriculum.  We wanted to school year around, but we wanted to do it in a way that would burn any of us out.  Therefore, from now until the end of July we will be focusing on building skills in certain areas and doing some fun electives.  In August we start back on our ‘normal’ curriculum.  I hope to be able to share my summer curriculum with you very soon!!
Happy Tuesday!!