The Perfect Verse

A very sweet and thoughtful friend shared this on my facebook wall tonight…

This verse really hit home for me and put into words exactly how I feel and have felt for a very long time in our quest to grow our family.  Such a sweet reminder!

Thanks again for all the many prayers!


Gearing Up & Breaking Down

As I was looking through my homeschool binder earlier I decided to go ahead and rotate my calendar to display August.  My eyes widened….I was stunned!  We are a mere 17 days away from starting our new year!  How can that be??  I mean…I’ve been doing some prep work and planning, getting geared up for a new year, but I am so not ready.  No, seriously…NOT ready!!!  I still have some curriculum to order!  So yes…guess what I get to do next week.  When I realized August 12th was looming very near, I did have a bit of break down inside.  Unfortunately I fear it will not be my last.  I have a lot of work to get done.  A LOT!!  I am thankful that I will not be braving the back to school crowds for supplies again this year, though.  Definitely a perk of homeschooling!  We go get all of our supplies about a two weeks after the public schools start.  Yes, many things are gone by then, but we only need the basics…crayons, markers, glue, etc., and we are able to get them on clearance.  You just can’t beat that!  So the back to school shopping will not cause this mama a break down.  But…the curriculum ordering last minute, and super last minute lesson planning very well may.  I promise I did not intentionally wait this long to get everything done!  Summer just flew by me and August surprised me.  My understanding is that this has happened to many other homeschool families, so…at least we aren’t alone…
God Bless!! 
P.S. – Pray for me!  🙂

And so it begins….

Yesterday was my doctor’s appointment where I expected get my lab results from my 3 and 21 day tests, and put together a ‘get another Kees baby’ plan.  When I arrived the lady told me she was not back from surgery but I could see the nurse practitioner.  I explained my situation and we agreed I could see her and she could relay the info for me.  Great!  I was bummed for sure, but it was better than nothing.  Once I was taken back for vitals, the ladies recognized me and asked if I just wanted to wait for her to make it back.  I was up for it.  (That’s how much I’m in the office btw..LOL!)  The nurse took me back for vitals and explained that the surgery was very lengthy and started very late, I could wait or reschedule because the Dr. definitely wanted to talk to me.  We decided to reschedule.

So, this morning I headed back to the doctor’s office; which was packed.  After about a 40 minute wait, the nurse took me back for vitals and told me she didn’t want me to get discouraged, the Dr. was in L&D, but should be back soon because they had been pushing for about an hour.  No problem!  About three minutes later the Dr. called and told her they had just finished and she was on her way back up.  Yay!  It was about ten minutes later that she made it to my room.  She asked how everything was going, I told her my cycles were regular (for someone with PCOS), I had dropped 37lbs, and many of the symptoms were gone or going away.  I did tell her I had recently had ultrasounds that showed both ovaries were full of cysts, as expected.  I explained to her the OPK’s were giving me false positives (normal for women with PCOS), and that I had 1 good month of a normal basal temp. chart, but everything else was completely erratic (also normal for PCOS).  She said stop wasting the money on OPK’s and don’t stress over basal temp. charting.  I asked her health/diet wise what I should be doing because I’ve read a million things as to what to take/eat/etc.  I’ve heard do a low GI diet, I’ve heard no dairy and no gluten.  You name it…I’ve heard it.  She said do the low GI diet (b/c I had explained I had hit that inevitable wall), and to do nothing else….the diet and normal exercise, and continue my metformin.  Easy!  I can do that!  She then told me she was going to start me on clomid next month.  It would be a low dose, and probably would not work, but you never know.  Once I do the 21 day and we do not see ovulation, she will up the mg for the next month.  We will attempt this method for 3-4 months.  If this doesn’t work, we will be off to see Dr. Storment.  I def. left satisfied and happy to have a plan.  What a blessing!

So please be in prayer for our family over the next few months, as well as for me and my body.  I am praying for more success on the weight loss front, and a continuation of regular cycles so that I am able to take the medications correctly.  I am also praying for this journey financially because just the meds and 21 day test each month will cost us about $175 or more.  Should we need IUI, we are talking much more.  Def. not an extra cost anyone ever expects, but we know that God is faithful to always see us through.  And of course we are praying for a baby!  


Thank you to all of those who keep up with our family and your continued prayer and support.  We could not do this without the love and support of all of our friends and family.  God Bless!

Back to Normal??

Can you believe that today has been a pretty normal day?!  I am really trying to get back in the groove and get back to a schedule of sorts.  We’ve spent months with life turned upside down with hectic schedules!  Today, we were all up and going on time and got right to work on chores.  I fixed Coach’s lunch, and he headed off to go work on his field and get everything set up for the big tournament Saturday.  He is doing such a great job as the head coach.  I’m really proud of him.  He is working extra hard to make this tournament a great experience for everyone. 
So far today we have washed furniture coverings, put them back on, done a load of towels and two loads of clothes, got all of Sassy’s laundry done and put away, daily chores are done, vacuumed, cleaned the vacuum, fixed lunch, did dishes, made beds, washed the table cloth, and who knows what else I will get accomplished today.  It is so nice to be back to normal!  Even if this only lasts a day…it is sooo nice.  Of course once August rolls around we will for sure be back on schedule, and this OCD mamma can’t wait!!  I love my ‘normal’ life and my schedules.  Maybe today is a sign of great things to come!?
♥ The Kees Family 

4th of July Decorations

I am finally getting to post my 4th of July decorations I made.  Yay!  Nothing special, but it gave us a little festive decor to look at for a few weeks.

Of course I failed miserably at getting photo of all of our 4th of July activities.  Sorry…again!  Maybe one day I’ll get better at the whole getting documentation thing.

4th Decorations 001

4th Decorations 002 I may be crazy...not sure.  Did any of you notice something strange in the first photo??  Maybe something in the mirror in the photo?  Go back and take a look and tell me if you see something there.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my #1!  I love my husband to the moon and back, and am so blessed to be able to say that today marks 6 years of marriage for us.  Marriage can be such a blessing!  I know that God made my husband just for me.  I could not have asked for better.
Marriage is not always easy.  Sometimes it is hard.  But we have to remember that it’s the hard times that strengthen the relationship.  Coach and I have been through some tough times, and will continue to go through tough and stressful things, but we will do it together, with God.  Between his coaching and being away, and our infertility issues…we’ve got stressers people!  We are not perfect!  Some days I just want to cry because I get so tired of the stressers in our lives.  But I am so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who helps my husband and I navigate the hard days.  I am likewise blessed to have a husband who walks through the hard things along side me, and when I need, one who walks ahead of me.
I pray that my daughter will one day have a husband who can do the same for her.  I pray that they will have a marriage that honors God.  A good marriage is a true blessing to a family, as a whole, as well as the individuals.  In our society today, we don’t value the sanctity and unity of a marriage like we should.  But regardless of what society hold true to, I want my family to stand as an example.