Another year gone by…

In three hours we will saying good-bye to 2012, and welcoming in 2013.  I love that each year we get to cherish the memories made, and wash away the less than happy moments of the year, and start fresh with a clean slate.  I think it is that very state of mind that drives so many of us to make “New Years Resolutions”.  I don’t.  Never have, really.  I love the clean slate state of mind a new year brings, but my goals in life are always the same.  They do not change because of a date, or holiday, or even a brand new year.  I’m not knocking the idea of making resolutions, in fact, I support it.  I love that people use it as a way to set new goals; goals they can reach on a short-term level, or at least will strive to meet.  Even if they don’t reach a particular goal, the journey makes them a better person in the end.  That’s how I’ll remember 2012…a journey.  2012 has been a year of joy and of sorrow, of ups and of downs, of success and failures.  In 2012 my husband was fired (twice, technically), hired ( just in time), quit (within a couple months of starting that job), and then found the awesome job he has now.  In 2012, my daughter graduated Pre-K, we decided to homeschool, my baby turned 5, and we began our homeschool journey.  In 2012 we made the decision to follow God’s will and sell our home (which sold in 6 days), moved into a rental, and made a true commitment, with God’s support and guidance, to pay off debt.  In 2012, right after our move, God provided and we were able to pay off our first debt.  At the same time, we realized what was ahead of us and that we really were going to have to rely on God to reach the end goal.  In 2012 my precious baby was given a clean bill of health and healed from her HSP she had suffered from.  Last year at this exact time, my husband and I were certain that this would be the year would add another little blessing to our family.  We figured it just had to be the year; we’d been trying for so long, and praying even longer for all of our future children.  We made the commitment to work hard and do everything we knew we could to make that happen, but we also committed to trusting God with the desires of our hearts.  I’ve spent a lot of 2012 in the Dr.’s office and taking medicine and vitamins, and well…you name it.  I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to lose weight to help reverse some of the problems I’ve been having.  It’s been a tough year really, and although I’ve now seen a 26lb drop in weight, I’m not there yet.  No, we are not pregnant.  I wish I could have shared this story and ended with a miracle like that, but it wasn’t God’s will for us this year.  It’s hard to say that, and even harder to understand it, but we refuse to waiver in our faith.  We know he wants to bless our family.  We know he loves us.  We know that He has a plan.  Maybe 2013 will hold better results for us.  I hope to be able write a New Year’s Eve post next year with a baby in my lap, or on the way.  Guess we will just have to see.  As tough as so many moments have been for us in 2012, so many more moments were amazing.  We are so very blessed!  I can’t fathom why my God would choose to lead and bless my family in the ways that he has, but I’m sure thankful for it all.  In 2013 we will continue our homeschooling journey, we will continue our journey to becoming debt-free, we will continue to pursue having more children (one way or another), my daughter will turn six (Yikes!  I’m getting old!), and we will continue to follow God and live for him.  These things I know will happen; all else will be extra special blessings.

Happy New Year!!

I pray that God will bless each of y’all and your family in 2013.


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