Back To School

Kees Academy is back in session!!  We started school Monday, so we officially have one whole week under our belts.  And let me tell you…it was a great week!  It was so wonderful to be back on our schedule and back to work.  Sassy had a great week and learned a lot!  She her first two ‘real’ tests Friday and did great on both.  She loves to learn and flies through her work way faster than I thought she would, so school time isn’t taking us too terribly long at this point.  Of course we haven’t implemented everything I have planned for the year just yet due to two reasons:
1. We hope to be able to make another move to a new home soon.
2. Most of the curriculum will not last her all year anyhow.
So with both of those things in mind, I decided to take the pace a little slower for now and go along with her pace and what’s happening in life at the moment.  Such a blessing of homeschooling.  No, she will not be behind because she does more than schools do anyhow, and we will be going all year long, basically.
I was honestly a little nervous about this year because it’s first grade.  She isn’t a baby anymore, and the work is a bit more than what we are use to, but this week really settled my nerves.  I’m more than happy with first grade and our curriculum choices thus far.  I’ll be posting some photos of some of our projects soon, so stay tuned.
God Bless!!
Kees Family Prayer Requests:
  • New School Year
  • Search/Purchase of a New Home
  • Fertility Stuff
  • Coach’s New Year (1st day was quite eventful)
  • All the teachers/school workers/students