The Changing of Seasons

Just as the seasons change, life so changes.

Fall is in the air, and our family is adjusting to a season of change. Not only did we add another Kees to the roster, but mama is working full-time now. I certainly was not looking for this change, but for some reason God brought it to us. Mind you, on top of Sassy going to public school. Can you say…crazy!!! That is how I feel most days. It’s up at 5:00 am, home around 3:45, 2nd grade homework, coaching responsibilities, baby, teacher homework, housework, next day prep, and hopefully bed by 10:00 pm. On a good day, which seems all too rare, we get a decent home cooked dinner in. Coach is typically away from home five evenings a week, which makes this mama weary. Most days I am asking, “Why, Lord?” What was so wrong with my staying home and caring for my children? What was wrong with having a clean home daily, and dinner on the table when my husband arrived home? I haven’t figured any of that out yet. I’m working each day to survive and adjust. It isn’t easy, but it is getting easier.

As I sit here in the dark, with only the television on, playing one of my favorite Christmas movies, and soak in the sweet ambiance of pumpkin candles brightly glowing, I can only smile. The week has been less than ideal, that is for certain. However, this week did end on a sweet note. I came home and spent my evening without a million chores, or homework, or lunches to make. I spent my evening with my girls; caring for them, talking with them, and playing with them. We all needed it. My sweet baby even let me rock her to sleep without a fight. This has not happened in a very long time. It was as if she knew what her mama’s heart needed. Sometimes, amidst all the craziness of the changing of seasons, we forget to be thankful that the seasons do change, and that we are here to experience them.