4th of July Decorations

I am finally getting to post my 4th of July decorations I made.  Yay!  Nothing special, but it gave us a little festive decor to look at for a few weeks.

Of course I failed miserably at getting photo of all of our 4th of July activities.  Sorry…again!  Maybe one day I’ll get better at the whole getting documentation thing.

4th Decorations 001

4th Decorations 002


Okay...so I may be crazy...not sure.  Did any of you notice something strange in the first photo??  Maybe something in the mirror in the photo?  Go back and take a look and tell me if you see something there.

Easy Up-Cycle

I’m super excited to share with you my latest up-cycle craft!  My family eats a lot of canned green beans.  Mainly because this is one of the only veggies my hubby enjoys.  So, needless to say we end up throwing out a lot of those cans.  I decided there had to be a way to reuse them.  Sure enough…after a day of deliberation over what to do with them I finally decided to use them to organize. 
I used one can and printed duct tape I already had.
I covered the outside of the can in the duct tape.  Easy!
Wrapped Can
 I felt like my can needed a little something extra, so I pulled out the ribbon scraps I had and added a bow.  Viola!
Finished Project
 See how easy that was!!  The whole process only took me about ten minutes.  The hardest part was deciding which ribbon to use!  LOL!!  I made this one for sharpie storage.  I plan on making a few others for marker and color pencil storage for our classroom since the boxes get so much abuse. 
Share your can up-cycle project with us!

DIY Storage Tutorial

Ok, I’m finally getting to share my DIY Fabric Storage Basket Tutorial with you.

1. Gather materials: fabric, boxes, glue (spray adhesive), scissors

st box tutorial 003







2. Cut material to fit box.

Cut material to fit around your box and place your box in the center.

Cut material to fit around your box and place your box in the center.










3. Cut from each fabric corner to the corner of your box.  *Now you can also square out the corners, and then cut to the corner of the box, which is the method I prefer.  However, this is the way I did it for this tutorial.

st box tutorial 005







4. Get started gluing.  Spray your adhesive on one side of the box and smooth the fabric over it.  It will lap over the other sides, which is fine, just glue those down as well.  Once your outside is secured and smoothed, you can glue the fabric to the inside of the box in the same manner.

Notice the overlapping on the sides not yet done...that's okay.

Notice the overlapping on the sides not yet done…that’s okay.








5. Glue your last two sides onto the box, following the same previous steps.  If you your material still overlaps the other sides, no problem…unless you are using a print where it will not blend.  In that case you will want to trim your fabric.

st box tutorial 007







6.  And viola!  You now have a cute little storage box.  You can use any size box for this project.  I’ve done one for our wii stuff for the living room, and I’ve done 2 of these for my daughter’s room.  She has a shelf beside her bed for books, her bugsby system, stuffed animals, and whatever else she feels the need to keep close to her.  I made these to hold books.

st box tutorial 008

See how well they work!  And aren’t they just adorable!






I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and if you have any questions on how to do this, ask away.  I’d be happy to help.  You could add labels to your boxes, ribbon, anything…get creative!  I promise you will be glad you made one of these!

A new etsy shop coming!

Alrighty folks!  I have an announcement!  My wonderful sister and I have started work on a new little business…or soon to be business..we hope.  You can check us out on facebook, here!  So be sure to check it out and like our page!  We should have the etsy shop up and running for orders very soon!  We are very excited about this journey, and hope to gain some awesome clients!  Once our shop is up I’ll let ya know and give you the link.  We don’t have a lot of items currently available, but we do take special custom orders on things.  If you would like to place an order you can message us on facebook, or email us at SassySistersBoutique2012@gmail.com.  As of today, we can do quick turn around on tututs, glass etched items, coasters, personalized chargers, and ornaments.  We carry a little bit of everything, and try to offer our products at the best price.  All of the items we sale would make a great Christmas gift for anyone!


A FAV Crafy Site

If you don’t already know it, I’m a bit of a craft junkie.  I love to craft!  I especially enjoy scrap-booking and card making.  I’m not the greatest at it by any means, but I try.  I figured I would share with you one of my favorite crafty websites.  Its called My Pink Stamper.  If you’ve never visited the site…you should…esp. if you love crafting.  Robyn makes amazing cards, and is a super sweet person with a cute family, too.  She is always posting fun things, great crafting ideas, how-to videos, and so much more!  I swear she didn’t pay me to share all this info. with you, I just thought I would share one of my “happy places”.  I just love to visit her site and browse through past projects and check out her new ones.  She was quite the business woman with her own line of stamps, but she recently retired from it to focus more on her family.  I don’t own a set of her stamps, but I so would love a set!  They are too cute!  So…if you are a craft junkie too…go check it out!