Introducing Bernard

As I’ve mentioned before, our family has a new tradition for the Holiday season.  His name is Bernard the Elf.  He is an Elf on the Shelf, sent to us from Santa himself.  Below are the photos of Bernard’s antics thus far:

He behaved pretty well on his first day here.

Day 2…looking a bit suspicious…

Seriously, Bernard?! Apparently his ‘Plan B’ is to join the circus if Santa fires him!

“Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” ….caught red-handed..

So far Bernard has really kept us entertained!  He even managed to get some brownie points his first day by bringing back a little surprise for us from the North Pole.  He brought the movie Despicable Me!  Sassy was super excited!  We are going to watch it Thursday night while decorating our Christmas tree.  Unfortunately, it is the only night this week our daddy won’t be working late.  But that’s okay, we plan to make it worth while!





New Etsy Products

Howdy!  Thought I’d share a few of our newest Sassi Sister Boutique products:

Set of 4 coasters…this is my favorite!

Set of 4 cross stamped coasters

If you are interested in checking out or other products, you can go visit the Sassi Sisters Boutique on Etsy, or check out or facebook page.  If you’re interested in placing an order, you can email us at



Hi, my name is Ashley, and I am a Black Friday Addict.

I told y’all I was seriously considering not going Black Friday shopping this year with all that has been going on, the crazy hours it started this year, and the fact that my shopping was pretty well done.  However, I explained in that post that I may be slightly addicted, and that I love spending the girl time with my sisters and step-mom.  So..I know y’all are just dying to know if I went this year or not!  The suspense has been killing you hasn’t it?!  Well, the truth is… the title of this post suggests…I went!  Yes, I am an addict!  I can admit it!  This year was exhausting…we started at 4pm Thursday and didn’t get home until 8am Friday!  Agghh!!  I did this on two weeks of non-stop business with the move and little sleep…only to be followed by more moving and even less sleep.  So, I still have not fully recovered.  However, as exhausting as it was and can be…I really enjoyed it.  We had a blast!  Now, will I got back next year?  Who knows…but, lets be honest…I say that every year, and every single year I give in and go.  Hence the title here.


God Bless!

Operation Move

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I know we did!  I am also very happy to report that we have official ended Operation Move!  Yay for us!  On Saturday our families came and helped us finish moving and my wonderful step-mom helped me clean the house for the new owners.  I am so thankful for that!  You have no idea how much I appreciate them showing up to help like they did!  We closed on our home this morning and made the sell official!  We are super happy for the new owners, and excited to know that our future will be a bit more simple…at least for now.  I’m not sure how long it will last…I mean, come on…you know us!  But hey…we hope it will be simple for a while.  I even got all my Christmas shopping done so that we can actually enjoy Christmas this year.  I’m super excited about that!  I have to say that selling process went much smoother than I could have anticipated, and much quicker.  It is amazing how things work out when it is God’s will and God’s timing.  We also have an amazing realtor whom we just adore!  Frankly, I wish we could just adopt her into our family.  She is the best!  We aren’t 100% settled into the new place, but we are getting there a little at a time.  Hopefully this week my husband will have our classroom set up so that we can back to school.  We are missing having our classroom!   Who would have thought that we would miss a classroom?!  LOL!

We have a new tradition in the Kees household…his name is Bernard!  Santa sent him to us, and after only being here a day we woke up to a surprise.  When he flew back to the North Pole to report to Santa, he returned with a movie for us!  We can’t wait for family movie night to watch it.  I promise pictures of Bernard and his antics will be coming very soon!

Doctors Orders

I went to see Dr. T. today.  I’m sure he is getting tired of seeing me in there, honestly.  After the exam he told me that I definitely don’t have anything major going on.  Praise the Lord!  I do have PCOS, so he felt certain the issues I was having was a result of that…most likely being a cyst.  I’ve had this for quite some time, but this would be the first time I’ve had an actual cyst, as I have more of biochemical form of PCOS.  He told me to continue in what I was doing, take 10 days of Provera, and about a week later start birth control.  Not exactly what I had hoped to hear.  To be totally honest, I’m not much on birth control.  I took it for a few months after I had my daughter, and I didn’t like it.  I didn’t feel like me.  I tried two diff. types and then I called it quits.  I also don’t like birth control because I feel like it puts any possible pregnancy at risk.  Many babies have been lost because women got pregnant while on birth control, and didn’t know they were pregnant.  However, I do realize that I don’t ovulate, so that isn’t really as big an issue as it otherwise would be I guess.  I honestly am struggling on this.   I’m pretty sure I will go ahead with the doctor’s orders and take it because ultimately what’s going on has to be stopped.  It just can’t continue.  Taking the birth control may also give my hormones the chance to balance out a bit more, helping me to lose more weight, which would really help solve a lot of the PCOS issues.  This is a tough road for us to travel because we are so ready to have another baby and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize those chances…small as they may be.  So, we are just going to go with the flow and continue praying that the Lord lead us down the path to one day bless us again.  We also feel it is important that I be as healthy as possible and my body be fully able to carry a baby before we get pregnant.  That is going to take a lot of discipline on my end, but I know I can do it.  Once we get moved to the new place I plan on starting weight watchers…just without the program.  I’m also considering joining a local gym.  So it looks like I’ll be getting back to my salads, smoothies, and low-fat life-style again soon.  And I’m actually kind of excited about it.  Don’t worry…you know me…I’ll be blogging all about it!

Thanks for all  the prayers and good thoughts today!  Have a Happy Turkey Day!  Only 2 more days!