Constant Reminders From Above

Here is the entry I wrote the other day when I came across my entry on contentment.  God is soo good!!

Jan. 8, 2013

Thank you Lord for your constant reminders and reassurance!

Today was the first time I’ve read my Sept. 24the entry since the day it was written; and what a sweet reminder it was for me.  It reminded me that I need not worry and God has provided.  Since September we sold our home and Justin got a new job at Rapides, which he loves.  We also were able to get into a very affordable rental, and received double the amount expected from the sale of our home.  This enabled us to pay off a very large debt we were carrying.  So, needless to say, God answered our prayers in ways much larger than we could have ever imagined or prayed for.  (Makes me wonder what he has in mind in regard to our prayer for more children!?! )

God often answers our prayers in the most unexpected ways, when we least expect it.  Sometimes I think that is the best part of my daily Christian life.  I’m always eager to see what God is going to do next, and he always leaves me in awe.



Wow!  Isn’t God good y’all!  We never could have imagined that everything would work out exactly how it did with coach’s job situation, the house, finding a rental, paying off debt, etc.  We could never have planned it all to work out as wonderfully as God did.  We are still working on the debt, but God as certainly answered our prayers.  Back in Sept. we had three major prayer requests for God: 1. A better work environment for my hubby  2. Our home to sell so we could follow through on our commitment to live God’s way  3. That he give us more children.  There were other (smaller) requests during that time, but those were the big three.  I expected God to work and answer us, but never the way he did.  God answered 2 of those big three requests right off.  I mean, who am I that God would answer two major prayer requests of mine.  Because the truth is, although those were “big” requests for us, in comparison to what others around the world were dealing with, they were nothing.  Yet God still showed up.  God is always workings.  We never have to worry about tomorrow because the truth is He is already there.  What a blessing that is to know!


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