In Light of Lafayette

Terrible things happen all over the world, every single day.  It is a sad truth of this world.  However, Governor Bobby Jindal said it best when he said, “You never expect it to happen here.”  It isn’t that we roll over each morning and put on our blinders before getting out of bed.  It’s just that Louisiana is blessed to be a God fearing, bible thumping state full of good ole boys and southern hospitality.  We know such tragic acts are a possibility (hence so many of our residents packing heat), but we also feel a little safe here.  I’ll agree with all you naysayers, sometimes we feel a little too safe.  However, I’m not sure that’s always such a bad thing.  I don’t want my children growing up in a place where they have to fear going out to a movie, or the mall, or any other place outside of the home.  You can be aware of the possibility of danger and still feel extremely comfortable in your surroundings.

What happened in Lafayette is a tragedy.  My heart hurts for the families of the victims, for those injured, for those who witnessed the event, and for our great state.  However, my heart also is hurt for the man who committed such a horrendous act, as well as his family.  That man obviously had demons; he had a very deep struggle.  His actions portray a very lost man, living without the love of Jesus within a very lost world.  There are people out there who knew him: friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, etc.  Can you possibly imagine how they must feel?  I know I can’t.  My heart hurts for those people, too.

So what now?  Well, now we pray.  We pray for all of those touched by this event.  And yes…we pray for those who have a desire to boycott the funerals of the victims.  We should not only pray for ‘friends’, but ‘foes’ as well.  This is a group of people who have been deceived and taught immense untruth.  So yes, they need our prayers.  This is also a time for unity and brotherhood.  This is a time where you get to see that southern hospitality I mentioned shine bright.  Just watch!

Those of you who don’t know the love of Jesus are likely saying, “Where was your God when this man opened fire on innocent people?”  Let me tell you:

  • He was with the victims as their earthly lives were taken too soon.
  • He was with the bystanders as they were struck with fear and began to flee the building.
  • He was with those who were injured.  He heard their plees and prayers, and brought help.
  • He was with those who were so brave as to run toward the deadly action to help others.
  • He was with the policemen and emergency responders as they arrived to the scene to assess people and what aid was needed.
  • He was with the two teachers, as one shielded her friend, likely sparing her life.  That is courage and love granted by God.
  • He was with the doctors and nurses as they welcomed each patient with reassurance, and provided them with the necessary medical help they needed.
  • He was with the families and friends of the victims, holding and comforting them as they received the terrible news.
  • He was with the families and friends of each of the movie goers as they waited to hear from loved ones, not knowing if they were hurt or not.
  • He was with all of the residents of Louisiana as they heard the news.
  • He was with our Governor, protecting him has he traveled to Lafayette.  He gave Gov. Jindal wisdom as to how to address press, residents, those injured, and the victims’ families.
  • He was also with the shooter’s family and friends as they heard the terrible news of what he had done.  He held them; helped them to try to understand.
  • He was with the residents of Lafayette the morning after, giving them the courage to begin a new day.
  • He will continue to be with each of these in the days ahead.

My God was there.  He had a lot of work that night.  No job is too big…or too small.  God was there, and He will continue to be there.  That my friends, is how sometimes we can feel ‘a little too safe’.  With God we have nothing to fear!

God Bless!


The Hard Stuff

Let me start of with a little disclaimer:  I love all people!  Really, I do…I honestly love everyone, regardless of who you are or what you’ve ever done.  I can sit here today and tell you that if I were in a room with a convicted murder, who confessed to the crime, and someone walked in and said one of you must die…I would take that person’s place.  I realize that might be a bit extreme, but I want to make sure that’s clear.  I love you!  I believe in second chances and saving grace!  I am not here to judge because I have enough to be judged on myself.  I know that when I stand before the God of the universe…there will be a few things we are going to have to talk about that I am ashamed of.  We are all human and we are all living in this world together.
Now, let’s get real y’all!  You know I’m here to be real.  It’s my conviction to be completely honest in all that I do.  I spent most of my life being a complete sugar-coater.  I never wanted to offend or disappoint anyone.  I am an oldest child…first born.  I desire to please others and keep the peace by nature.  However, since I’ve become a mother, God has convicted me about that.  I have been extremely convicted to always speak HIS truth…never my own…or the watered down version of the truth he speaks.  I’ve come to terms that speaking out for Christ will offend others at times, and may even cost me some friendships.  I mean this in the best possible way, but…so be it.  My God always comes first.  My life here is temporary…”like a vapor; here today and gone tomorrow”.  I was created to serve the Lord God Almighty.
So, let me go ahead and tell you, I am very disappointed by some decisions made by our government today concerning the biblical definition of marriage vs same-sex marriage.  By no means was this an easy decision for them…I think that is obvious based on the 5-4 vote.  Now before you go getting your feelings hurt, let me tell you…I have gay friends.  Yeah…really…I do.  And I love them!  Do I agree with what they have chosen?  No way!  Do they know that I don’t believe it is right, based on what God states in the bible?  Of course!  I pray fervently for them.  I want everyone to go to heaven!  Is that going to happen?  No.  God tells us this in the bible as well.  However, I love them!  This is the hard stuff, y’all.  No matter who you are and what your beliefs, this is not easy.  It isn’t meant to be easy.  (Thank you sin!)  I could sit here and reference one bible story and verse after another in an attempt to convict those who don’t agree with me…but I won’t.  I don’t feel led to do that.  I do feel led to tell you that you are loved.  Being a Christian is NEVER easy, but is it easier than living a sinful lifestyle?  Oh, yes!  Why?  Because I have Jesus to lean on, trust, rely on, and talk with.  I am promised so much!  In Jesus, my future is bright…no matter what happens!  I am loved…no matter what!  I’ve lived in sin and I’ve lived in Jesus.  I choose Jesus!
Honestly, I can’t be too disappointed in the sinful ways of this world.  However, I can be disappointed in Christians today (including me).  What are we doing?  Why are we not taking a harder stance for Christ?  What justice are we doing anyone by being ‘tolerant’ and ‘sugar-coating everything’?  You can not successfully spread the word of God without offending people.  You just can’t!  When we as humans are living in sin, we become offended when someone tells us we are wrong.  Do I get offended by people who tell me I’m crazy for believing so radically in Christ?  No…I know better.  I don’t care what people say in terms of my convictions and beliefs.  Am I offended when fellow “Christians” basically tell me that I can’t expect better of other Christians?  No…that just makes me feel sad.  When are we as Christians going to get our bottoms up off the back row and get serious?  When?  How dare we go to church every Sunday and sing to Christ about following him and standing up for him, and then walk out of those doors doing the same old thing day in and day out!  How dare we continue to play it safe and stay within our comfort zone.  God doesn’t command us to relax and take it easy once we form a relationship with him…he commands us to work!  I feel like we should expect more of each other and hold our brothers and sisters accountable.  We should be backing one another, encouraging one another, and working HARD for Christ!
I can’t help but wonder how God feels tonight.  I realize that he knew long ago that this day was coming for us, but I wonder if he still feels disappoint and disgust with us.  I know how I feel, and I can only imagine how he feels.
This isn’t easy for me to put out there and discuss, but it needs to be done.  Even if I stand alone, I will always stand for Christ!
God Bless!

Read the Bible in One Year

I am currently working on reading the bible in one year.  Yes, that is correct…the entire bible.  Many people just start in Genesis and read right on through, which is what I’ve done before as a teenager.  However, I can’t say that I have honestly read the whole thing because when I’d reach those genealogy chapters…I’d skip em.  Not this time.  This time I am reading every verse and every chapter.  And now that I’m older and more mature in my walk with Christ, I can see the importance in reading that information.  This time I am using a chronological method, provided by our Sunday School.  Many of the others are doing this as well, which I think makes it really special.  We are all able to share with one another what we are learning throughout the entire year in our readings.  So, I thought I’d share it with you in case you would be interested in jumping on board.  You may choose to make today your day 1, or play catch up over the next couple of days to get on track with the schedule.  Currently we do ours during our bible time each night.  You may prefer to do yours in the morning or during your lunch break.  I am currently doing a women’s bible study in the mornings, and doing this in the evenings, which I am really loving.  It’s been nice starting my day off with Jesus, and then ending it with his word as well.

Happy Reading!  Please feel free to share what you learn along your journey, as I will be doing the same.

Constant Reminders From Above

Here is the entry I wrote the other day when I came across my entry on contentment.  God is soo good!!

Jan. 8, 2013

Thank you Lord for your constant reminders and reassurance!

Today was the first time I’ve read my Sept. 24the entry since the day it was written; and what a sweet reminder it was for me.  It reminded me that I need not worry and God has provided.  Since September we sold our home and Justin got a new job at Rapides, which he loves.  We also were able to get into a very affordable rental, and received double the amount expected from the sale of our home.  This enabled us to pay off a very large debt we were carrying.  So, needless to say, God answered our prayers in ways much larger than we could have ever imagined or prayed for.  (Makes me wonder what he has in mind in regard to our prayer for more children!?! )

God often answers our prayers in the most unexpected ways, when we least expect it.  Sometimes I think that is the best part of my daily Christian life.  I’m always eager to see what God is going to do next, and he always leaves me in awe.



Wow!  Isn’t God good y’all!  We never could have imagined that everything would work out exactly how it did with coach’s job situation, the house, finding a rental, paying off debt, etc.  We could never have planned it all to work out as wonderfully as God did.  We are still working on the debt, but God as certainly answered our prayers.  Back in Sept. we had three major prayer requests for God: 1. A better work environment for my hubby  2. Our home to sell so we could follow through on our commitment to live God’s way  3. That he give us more children.  There were other (smaller) requests during that time, but those were the big three.  I expected God to work and answer us, but never the way he did.  God answered 2 of those big three requests right off.  I mean, who am I that God would answer two major prayer requests of mine.  Because the truth is, although those were “big” requests for us, in comparison to what others around the world were dealing with, they were nothing.  Yet God still showed up.  God is always workings.  We never have to worry about tomorrow because the truth is He is already there.  What a blessing that is to know!