This one’s for the hubs…

All I can say is I am blessed by my husband.  Coach isn’t perfect, and I don’t expect perfect.  In fact, I hold little expectations of my husband.  Most of you are thinking, “Wow…that isn’t saying much about him and your relationship.”  Hear me out though…if I don’t hold expectations of his actions and reactions, then I never have to be disappointed.  It isn’t fair for me to set the bar too high.  If I expect an extravagant surprise for Mother’s Day in the form of a week long vacation to a tropical paradise, I’m setting myself up for disappointment because that isn’t the reality of our lives.  We are teachers, we have children, and many responsibilities.  However, had I held this expectation, and Coach not done something so grand, I would have been unhappy with what he did give me.  I would have cheated myself and my husband out of the joy that was there.  Make sense??

Obviously, I hold expectations in the sense of my husband’s character, but I try very hard not to hold any in terms of actions and reactions.  I’ve found that this always allows me to feel the true joy of the moment.  With that being said, I will tell you that my hubby has done some pretty awesome things for me lately.  Sunday, we will be travelling to New Orleans to see Garth Brooks in concert.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Garth Brooks!  This is a huge deal for me!  I am pumped y’all!!  And it doesn’t end there…at the end of the month, on my birthday, we are going to stay at the Myrtles Plantation!  It is one of America’s most haunted homes (insert creepy music).  I’ve toured the plantation during the day as a kid, and ever since I have wanted to stay there and really get the full experience.  Aside from the scare factor, the history of the place is pretty amazing, too.  Both of these are bucket list items I can now scratch off.  The concert was a bit of surprise to me, but I had not a clue about the stay at the Myrtles Plantation.  Coach did good didn’t he!

Yes, my hubby has gifted me with two great experiences lately, but please understand that is not why I am blessed by him.  Those are just bonuses! 😉  The real blessing is in his character.  He is a wonderful father to our girls; very involved.  He is a loving, respectful husband who always thinks of me before himself.  He works hard to provide for us, all while being an amazing example to all of our adopted daughters (those are our softball players).  He is a good friend to all, with a helping heart.  Above all, he is a man of God.  I am so thankful that god designed him with me in mind.

❤ Ashley


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my #1!  I love my husband to the moon and back, and am so blessed to be able to say that today marks 6 years of marriage for us.  Marriage can be such a blessing!  I know that God made my husband just for me.  I could not have asked for better.
Marriage is not always easy.  Sometimes it is hard.  But we have to remember that it’s the hard times that strengthen the relationship.  Coach and I have been through some tough times, and will continue to go through tough and stressful things, but we will do it together, with God.  Between his coaching and being away, and our infertility issues…we’ve got stressers people!  We are not perfect!  Some days I just want to cry because I get so tired of the stressers in our lives.  But I am so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who helps my husband and I navigate the hard days.  I am likewise blessed to have a husband who walks through the hard things along side me, and when I need, one who walks ahead of me.
I pray that my daughter will one day have a husband who can do the same for her.  I pray that they will have a marriage that honors God.  A good marriage is a true blessing to a family, as a whole, as well as the individuals.  In our society today, we don’t value the sanctity and unity of a marriage like we should.  But regardless of what society hold true to, I want my family to stand as an example.

Bernard and Christmas Blessings Update

Sorry I’ve been out so long!  We got bogged down in Christmas events and two days before Christmas I was down and out with a nasty bug.  But I’m certainly glad to be back!

To finish up my Christmas Blessings for my hubby, he got a Sonic gift card, new underwear (a special athletic pair that he loves, but that cost like $10 a pair), the movie Fly Wheel for another at home movie date night, and a coupon booklet (made by me).  He really enjoyed all of his gifts.

Sassy loved her 12 Days of Christmas as well.  On Christmas Eve she opened her last present, which was a red mini-mouse nightgown, and a Christmas Veggie Tales DVD that we all watched before bed.  I will def. do that again next year!  My Sassy LOVES books!  Every night when she opened one up she was just as thrilled as the first night.

Okay, here is the last photo I took of Bernard this year.  He did many funny things, but I think this was Sassy’s favorite!

Christmas 2012 004

Christmas 2012 003

Christmas 2012 002


I hope each and every one of you had a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!  I wish you each a fabulous New Year!  May 2013 be even better than 2012!

God Bless!

Christmas Blessings Day 5

Yesterday was Day 5 for my husband.  He opened up the movie Courageous for us to have an at home movie date night.  Neither of us have seen the movie, so it will make a great movie date for the both of us.


Here is what Bernard was doing this morning when we woke up:

ab 001

Christmas Blessings Gift 1

My husband got to open his first gift!!

Bernard 002 Bernard 003



His first gift was a Tree for Me.  I bought the football skirt last year on clearance, I have him a gift in the Dallas mini stocking last year, we already had the football ornaments and silver ornaments, and I bought the tree and softball ornaments for 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby.  And next year one of his gifts will be more ornaments or a topper for his tree.  I picked the little tree for him to put in his classroom.  It seemed like just enough for a touch of Christmas, yet is easy to store away and doesn’t take a lot of work to put up or take down.  He really seemed to enjoy it and is taking it to his class tomorrow.

Stay tuned to see what his 2nd Christmas Blessing is!

Christmas Blessings

This year for Christmas I decided that I really wanted to bless my husband and child with something more than just gifts on Christmas day.  So, I decided this year that for our daughter we do 12 days of blessings to count down the last 12 days till Christmas.  Each night she will unwrap a book that we will read together.  Some night will include special activities.  On Christmas Eve her last gift to unwrap will be new pajamas and a movie for us to have a special family Christmas movie night.  I am so excited for this!  That was easy…coming up with something to do for my husband wasn’t so easy!  He too will be receiving Christmas blessings, but in a slightly different way.  Instead of getting a gift every day for the last 12 days until Christmas, beginning tonight, he will randomly receive gifts up until Christmas.  Some of the gifts are quite simple, while others are a bit more special.  My goal in this was to truly bless my husband and show him how special he is to me, while all the while keeping the cost down.  (Which I am proud to say I did!…the cost part at least.)  I do hope that this makes him feel loved and appreciated.  I’m not sharing what all I got him for this, but I’ll post photos as he receives the gifts.  I don’t want him finding out what all he is getting before he gets it!

With all this planning I’ve been doing for this, I thought I would share some other great ideas I’ve run across for doing something very similar in case any of you want to do this for your husbands.  I also thought these things could be done at other times during the year as well!

Spouse Christmas Countdown

12 Days of Christmas Punch Poster

Coupon Date Night

December Weekend Movie Dates (This could be done at home or go to the theater.  The idea is that each weekend you and your spouse have 1 movie date night.  If you do this at home you could prepare his favorite meal, order out, make special snacks, etc.  Get creative!)

12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt  (Each day your spouse gets a clue either leading to a daily small gift, or just giving hints about some of his gifts under the tree for Christmas day.)

Date Night Jar  (Write date night ideas on popsicle sticks and place in a mason jar.  Maybe make a cute tag and tie a ribbon on your jar.  Place all the sticks in the jar, and once a week let your spouse pull a stick from the jar.  Whatever is on the stick is what y’all do for your date night.)

Hope you enjoy!  Please share some of your ideas on how to bless your husband either throughout the year or during the holiday season!



What Women Need To Know

I think we can all admit that in today’s culture (for the most part), sex is a pretty casual topic.  Forms of pornography are literally everywhere!  Even on facebook now!  More and more people seem to think it is okay.  Well, it isn’t.  In no way, shape, or form is it acceptable according to God’s standards.  Of course I realize that many in today’s world aren’t all that concerned with God’s standards, but rather our own.  I find that very sad.  People can argue until they are blue in the face and pass out, but the simple truth is that pornography is a problem and it is never okay.  I honestly never even knew what it was until I got into college.  The more I would hear about it or see pornographic advertisements, the sicker it made me feel.  Quite honestly I felt a little confused about it.  I felt like it was wrong, yet so many people said it was okay, or it was only ok in certain circumstances.  I didn’t understand why people wanted to watch it, so I began asking people (people whom I trusted) if they thought pornography was bad or sinful.  None of them confirmed what I felt about it.  Not one!  And although these people were friends, I just wasn’t comforted with the idea of it.  Over time God revealed me that it is wrong and sinful, and it hurts people.  It doesn’t just hurt the viewer, but those around them as well.  He also taught me that it is an addiction and people can be over-taken by it…just like drugs.  But I think the most important thing I learned about it was that those who do find themselves under its influence aren’t bad people.  Those people know it’s wrong…they feel guilt and shame from it…and the correct response is not to shame them more or shun them, but to love them and help them.  That is why I am so glad to see Lysa TerKeurst‘s post about this issue.  As women of God, we need to take a stand for our marriages, for our husbands, for our families, and for our beliefs…God’s word and commandment.  Her post comes from an article by Jake Larson, and I believe everyone needs to hear the message.  Whether you have experience dealing with pornography or not you need to read it.  Whether you are in the middle of trying to help your husband through the battle or not…you need to read it.  Because ladies…the ugly truth is that this stuff is everywhere!  Satan has planted this all over our world because he knows how strong the temptation can be.  None of us are immune to this.  None of our husbands or marriages are immune to this.  Jake answers some tough questions in this post, but he does a great job…and I love his honesty.

Interested in following Jake?  You can follow him at

I don’t post on such risque topics often, but I felt this needed to be shared.  Too often women feel ashamed of sharing these struggles.  It shouldn’t be that way.  We should be there to support one another, to lift up one another, and to share our successes and struggles with one another.