Quick Update

I figure it is due time for a little update on life around the Kees household.

1. I will be 19 weeks along this Tuesday, and our little girl is doing great!  I go on the 26th for my anatomy ultrasound, which is where they check to make sure she has all the right parts in all the right places.  I’m confident all is well!  So far, pregnancy has been wonderful!  I have not had any problems!  That is a huge blessing!

2. Hopefully, after many months, we will be closing on our new home this Wednesday!  Of course things always go wrong, so please don’t think I am counting my chickens before they hatch here.  That is the current plan, and we are praying it happens that way, and that soon.

3. Kees Academy is on break at the moment due to the move.  During break we do anything educational, anytime we can.  It might be having a random math lesson one day, and working on reading three days later.  Sometimes I just go with whatever Sassy may have questions about…she asks, I answer, research with her, and check out books on the subject for her.  So let me just say school (and life) have been a bit interesting lately.

4. Coach is now in basketball season.  I am not sure if this is good or bad at the moment.  Football season is wrapping up, so that means the amount of time he is away to referee has greatly decreased, which we like.  However, the first week of basketball season, we only saw the man 1 day!  This week they have their 5-day long tournament.  Yes, that is correct…it is FIVE days long!!  The up side is that we will see him every single day because we will be working the concession stand.  Yes, (hopefully) all while moving to a new home.  Crazy busy, but isn’t God good!!

Please forgive me for not posting more often for you!  As you can somewhat see…it’s been a little crazy.  We love every minute of our crazy though!  Once we get settled into our new place I plan to post a lot more often!  So…something for us all to look forward to!

Thanks for reading!!


Feeding My Blog Addiction

We all know I have a slight blog addiction.  I LOVE them!  Old ones, new ones, colorful ones, fun ones, ones about crafting, ones about homeschooling, etc, etc, etc…I love reading blogs.  Well, I just had to share with you the newest blog crush I’ve developed.  Lisa, over at The Pennington Post, is AH-MAZ-ING!  I am crushing on her house for sure!  It is super cute!  I just stumbled upon her collection of parenting advice.  I highly recommend you check it out!  She has some really good stuff to say. While you’re there, get comfy and browse around…I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Let the Preparations Begin!

Can you believe our first homeschool year is coming to an end within a couple months!?!  It’s bittersweet really.  We have had a fun year of learning, but a chaotic year as well.  We’ve had one great week of school, followed by one no existent week.  However, we somehow managed to hold it together throughout everything and keep moving forward.  It really is amazing to see how much Sassy has learned and improved this year.  One of the reasons I’ve come to love homeschooling is because we get to run on our schedule and end up finishing “school” early in the year.  Now this doesn’t mean we take off until August.  We are going year around, baby!  So by the end of April Kindergarten will be gone and we will take a short break and get back to work with brand new first grade material.  Isn’t that exciting?!  It is….yet it is quite daunting as well.  That means that over the next few weeks I will be doing major prep for the new phase of schooling.  It means lots of research into curriculum, lots of organizing, tons of printing, and cleaning up and clearing out.  If you’ve ever been a new homeschool family, you know how scary it can be trying to choose between hundreds of great looking curriculum.  I can honestly say I’ve been very overwhelmed with it, but after hours of work this afternoon, I feel better.  I was able to narrow it down and organize my thoughts, and even put together my rough draft of the curriculum I’m interested in purchasing.  Hopefully within a week I will have my mind made up so I can share with you what I plan on doing for first grade.  (I keep wanting to say ‘next year’, but it hasn’t been a year yet.)  Most people would tell me I’m no longer a rookie at this homeschooling stuff, but really I am.  It has only been seven months.  Not to mention is was Kindergarten and a curriculum I designed myself.  But now that we are in first grade and I’ve seen how much time away from my family my planning takes, I’m buying the curriculum this year.  At first I thought I’d just pick one and do a big boxed curriculum and viola it would all be there for me.  However, once I started looking into the curriculum a little more I found that I liked this programs ELA materials, another programs Math and History, and a totally different one for Science.  Thus began my many lists and endless research to piece together the “perfect” curriculum for Sassy.  Over the last year or so I had heard of many families doing this ‘piecing together’ of their curriculum.  I didn’t understand why they would do that when you could just buy the boxed ones and have to do virtually no work.  Well…boy was I wrong!  The biggest perk to homeschooling is that you can teach to your child’s specifications…literally.  If in five months Sassy needs 2nd grade math and science, but is still working on 1st grade reading and history, that’s fine.  I can order our materials accordingly from as many different publishers as I so choose.  There is just so much flexibility in it.  And of course you want to pick things that will work best for your child.  You wan them to succeed.  So, needless to say…I need prayer!  Prayer for guidance in choosing our materials, in setting our schedule for next year, in getting it all organized and together, and for the strength and wisdom to be the best first grade teacher to my baby.

If you have any suggestions/advice…I’m open!!

Operation Move

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I know we did!  I am also very happy to report that we have official ended Operation Move!  Yay for us!  On Saturday our families came and helped us finish moving and my wonderful step-mom helped me clean the house for the new owners.  I am so thankful for that!  You have no idea how much I appreciate them showing up to help like they did!  We closed on our home this morning and made the sell official!  We are super happy for the new owners, and excited to know that our future will be a bit more simple…at least for now.  I’m not sure how long it will last…I mean, come on…you know us!  But hey…we hope it will be simple for a while.  I even got all my Christmas shopping done so that we can actually enjoy Christmas this year.  I’m super excited about that!  I have to say that selling process went much smoother than I could have anticipated, and much quicker.  It is amazing how things work out when it is God’s will and God’s timing.  We also have an amazing realtor whom we just adore!  Frankly, I wish we could just adopt her into our family.  She is the best!  We aren’t 100% settled into the new place, but we are getting there a little at a time.  Hopefully this week my husband will have our classroom set up so that we can back to school.  We are missing having our classroom!   Who would have thought that we would miss a classroom?!  LOL!

We have a new tradition in the Kees household…his name is Bernard!  Santa sent him to us, and after only being here a day we woke up to a surprise.  When he flew back to the North Pole to report to Santa, he returned with a movie for us!  We can’t wait for family movie night to watch it.  I promise pictures of Bernard and his antics will be coming very soon!


This week for school our main theme has been pumpkins.  We are learning all about them.  So, I thought I would share with you what we have done so far in learning about pumpkins.

We talked about whether a pumpkin is a fruit or vegetable, and why.  We discovered why pumpkins are orange.  We also did a cut and paste worksheet to learn all about how pumpkins grow.  At MDO Wednesday, we even painted pumpkins!  We will also be taking an inside look at pumpkins this weekend as we do some carving.  We love pumpkins!