A 1st Trimester Love Letter

To my dearest first trimester,
I can not tell you what joy you have brought into my life.  I honestly thought you would never come, or that once you did arrive, you would be full of worry and stress.  Thankfully, however, you arrived with peace and comfort.  Although we had it a little rough the first eight weeks, we made it through…nauseating, exhausting days and all.  You still have not renewed in me a desire for meat or eggs, but I can live with that.  You have taught me a few things about myself that I did not know.  Thanks to you, I discovered that I am borderline anemic and O positive blood type.  Those are things a girl should know. 
We have shared joy, tears, concern, anger, happiness, frustration, and many other emotions over the past 13 weeks.  As happy as I am to be entering the second trimester, I’m a little sad to see you go.  After all, it is you who ushered in our joy and did all the work to keep our little blessing growing strong.  Seeing you go means I’ll be getting fatter very soon, and many of the clothes we shared we no longer be worn.  But it also means we are that much closer to holding our tiny blessing in our arms, and will soon know whether our joy is he or she.  Seeing you go means naming our child and making all the preparations required.  I honestly can’t complain about you.  We got along pretty well.  I am, however, very thankful for you and pray that we meet again……a little sooner this time around.
Farewell hormone raging friend!
-This thankful, expecting mother-

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