Gearing Up & Breaking Down

As I was looking through my homeschool binder earlier I decided to go ahead and rotate my calendar to display August.  My eyes widened….I was stunned!  We are a mere 17 days away from starting our new year!  How can that be??  I mean…I’ve been doing some prep work and planning, getting geared up for a new year, but I am so not ready.  No, seriously…NOT ready!!!  I still have some curriculum to order!  So yes…guess what I get to do next week.  When I realized August 12th was looming very near, I did have a bit of break down inside.  Unfortunately I fear it will not be my last.  I have a lot of work to get done.  A LOT!!  I am thankful that I will not be braving the back to school crowds for supplies again this year, though.  Definitely a perk of homeschooling!  We go get all of our supplies about a two weeks after the public schools start.  Yes, many things are gone by then, but we only need the basics…crayons, markers, glue, etc., and we are able to get them on clearance.  You just can’t beat that!  So the back to school shopping will not cause this mama a break down.  But…the curriculum ordering last minute, and super last minute lesson planning very well may.  I promise I did not intentionally wait this long to get everything done!  Summer just flew by me and August surprised me.  My understanding is that this has happened to many other homeschool families, so…at least we aren’t alone…
God Bless!! 
P.S. – Pray for me!  🙂

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