And so it begins….

Yesterday was my doctor’s appointment where I expected get my lab results from my 3 and 21 day tests, and put together a ‘get another Kees baby’ plan.  When I arrived the lady told me she was not back from surgery but I could see the nurse practitioner.  I explained my situation and we agreed I could see her and she could relay the info for me.  Great!  I was bummed for sure, but it was better than nothing.  Once I was taken back for vitals, the ladies recognized me and asked if I just wanted to wait for her to make it back.  I was up for it.  (That’s how much I’m in the office btw..LOL!)  The nurse took me back for vitals and explained that the surgery was very lengthy and started very late, I could wait or reschedule because the Dr. definitely wanted to talk to me.  We decided to reschedule.

So, this morning I headed back to the doctor’s office; which was packed.  After about a 40 minute wait, the nurse took me back for vitals and told me she didn’t want me to get discouraged, the Dr. was in L&D, but should be back soon because they had been pushing for about an hour.  No problem!  About three minutes later the Dr. called and told her they had just finished and she was on her way back up.  Yay!  It was about ten minutes later that she made it to my room.  She asked how everything was going, I told her my cycles were regular (for someone with PCOS), I had dropped 37lbs, and many of the symptoms were gone or going away.  I did tell her I had recently had ultrasounds that showed both ovaries were full of cysts, as expected.  I explained to her the OPK’s were giving me false positives (normal for women with PCOS), and that I had 1 good month of a normal basal temp. chart, but everything else was completely erratic (also normal for PCOS).  She said stop wasting the money on OPK’s and don’t stress over basal temp. charting.  I asked her health/diet wise what I should be doing because I’ve read a million things as to what to take/eat/etc.  I’ve heard do a low GI diet, I’ve heard no dairy and no gluten.  You name it…I’ve heard it.  She said do the low GI diet (b/c I had explained I had hit that inevitable wall), and to do nothing else….the diet and normal exercise, and continue my metformin.  Easy!  I can do that!  She then told me she was going to start me on clomid next month.  It would be a low dose, and probably would not work, but you never know.  Once I do the 21 day and we do not see ovulation, she will up the mg for the next month.  We will attempt this method for 3-4 months.  If this doesn’t work, we will be off to see Dr. Storment.  I def. left satisfied and happy to have a plan.  What a blessing!

So please be in prayer for our family over the next few months, as well as for me and my body.  I am praying for more success on the weight loss front, and a continuation of regular cycles so that I am able to take the medications correctly.  I am also praying for this journey financially because just the meds and 21 day test each month will cost us about $175 or more.  Should we need IUI, we are talking much more.  Def. not an extra cost anyone ever expects, but we know that God is faithful to always see us through.  And of course we are praying for a baby!  


Thank you to all of those who keep up with our family and your continued prayer and support.  We could not do this without the love and support of all of our friends and family.  God Bless!


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