Orange Beach, AL Vacation

I can not tell you how wonderful our vacation was!  We needed it so much more than we ever realized!  On Sunday morning we dressed Riley Grace in casual clothes, which immediately raised a million questions and concerns.  “This isn’t what I wear to church,” is what I heard at least a dozen times.  Once we were ready to go I had Coach occupy Sassy for a minute so I could get in the car and video her getting in and being surprised.  When she got in the car she knew something was up and asked where we were going.  I told her to look behind her.  Her eyes lit up when she saw all the stuff.  I told her we were going to the beach.  “Yes! I knew it!” she said.  She was so thrilled.  It was great to be able to surprise her and video it.  Unfortunately it was on my rinky dink phone…otherwise I would have the video right here for you to watch.  I swear..I will get an iphone soon!  LOL!

We arrived to our condo Sunday about 4:15 or so.  It had been raining that day, but lucky for us it had stopped.  Once we unloaded we went out to the beach.  The tide was pretty bad so there were red flags up.  Once we left the beach, we took Sassy to the pool.  The pool was her favorite thing about vacation.  We couldn’t keep her out of it!  On Monday it was raining so we spent the first half of the day at the Pensacola Naval Museum.  We’ve been two other times, but Sassy was too small to remember it.  She really enjoyed seeing all the planes, and wanted photos of every single one; most of which she had to pose in front of.  By the time we got back to our condo, the rain had stopped.  We ate lunch and took a nap, then went out to the beach and of course the pool until dinner time.

Here is what our daily schedule looked like:

  • Wake up/Breakfast
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Lunch/Nap
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Dinner
  • TV Time/Bed

At times we switched it up, and even went crabbing one night, but for the most part this was it.  It was by for the most relaxing vacation of my life.  It was so nice to have Coach really be there with us…no ringing cell phone every few minutes, no constant texting through meals and into the evening, and no where to be. Vacation offered us a chance to reconnect as a family.  It opened our eyes to things, and made me realize that we are just way too busy in our everyday life.  At one point, we were sitting in our beach chairs under the umbrella as the sun was going down, just watching Sassy play in the sand, when I looked over at Coach and asked him a question that haunts me more days than not. “Do you ever bad…guilty even…that she doesn’t have a sibling to play with?”  I didn’t even get the words out of my mouth before he responded, “all the time”.  I swear we were thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time. It was nice to hear that my concerns weren’t mine alone, but it brought tears to my eyes. Then the words came out like word vomit…”What would you say to adopting a sibling group?”.  Coach just looked at me.  “I don’t know,” he said. I had no idea where the thought came from. I felt a little crazy for even asking my husband this. “How many?” he asked.  “I don’t know…2 or 3 maybe,” I responded.  “So we would go from having one child to having three or even four….or more…all of the sudden…”  I wasn’t sure if he was thinking out loud or asking.  I simply confirmed that thought, and explained to him that no matter what, Sassy would always be at least six years older than any baby we would have/adopt.  She will never really have someone her age to play with or go through things with.  If we adopted a sibling group of children ages 3/4 and under, she could have that. I could see he was pondering the thought, but the conversation ended there. Here we are thinking about fertility treatments vs. adopting an infant, and now we are talking about adopting multiple children. You talk about a whirlwind. Is that God’s will for us?  I honestly have no idea!  When I figure that out, I’ll let ya know.  But…I guess it’s an option for us.  I know that in the right time, in the right way, God will lead us to his answer.  Sometimes the waiting seems unbearable, but I know the answer will be worth the wait.

I promise that is as heavy as the conversations got during vacation.  I am thankful for that, really.  We have far too many heavy discussions in our daily ‘real’ lives.  It was nice to catch a break.  I haven’t gotten all the photos uploaded from vacation yet, but when I do you know I’ll share them.  We ate all our meals at our condo, and ate out at Lulu’s one night.  Sassy loved it!  Again, we’ve been before, but she didn’t remember it.  Vacation was easy, relaxing, and fun.  I can’t tell you how many amazing memories were made last week.  We saw dolphins and sting rays, and found some awesome shells.  Pictures to come soon!


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