June Update

Can you believe we leave for the beach in 3 days!!  I am so excited!  This has been the longest week of the year for us!  No, seriously.  Today was the first day I have been home, other than to sleep.  It has been crazy!  I am so ready for a much needed, relaxing vacation!  Sassy has been loving VBS and swimming lessons this week.  Tomorrow is the last day for both.  She’s a little bummed about that, but excited to be able to show off for us at both.  Sassy still does not know anything about the vacation.  We will tell her on Sunday morning when we leave.  However, that little turkey is so smart…I’m pretty sure she knows.  I’ve felt like she knows for a couple of weeks now.  I guess we will see!
I’m super happy to report that I was able to go do my day 3 labs this week!  Finally!  I’ll go back in a couple of weeks for my 21 day labs.  I’m excited that I will actually have some results this time around.  Although it’s going to cost us over $400.00, it will be nice to see what’s going on with my hormones.  I’m due for annual visit in July, so the timing is perfect to be able to really sit down and talk to the Dr. about my results and plans for the future.
On Tuesday the other MOPS coordinator and myself met to discuss plans for steering team retreat, convention, and the new year.  We are very excited!!  We’re hoping to do some growing this next year, so look out moms…you might just get recruited.  LOL!  Please be in prayer for us, as we are excited to be the new coordinators, but we are also a tad nervous.  Leading a group of women is a wonderful opportunity that we do not want to take for granted, and certainly don’t want to fail at.  Please pray that God will lead us in every decision we make for our group, and that our hearts will be obedient to him.
Coach is looking for a part-time summer job, so if you know of anything in the Central La area, let me know!  As I am writing, he is loading the basketball team on the bus to head back from their games.  (They won both!)  Right now he is running between softball and basketball in the evenings a few days a week, but other than that, he is free and willing to work.  Same here really….I currently work two days a week, but would like another part-time job just for the summer.  We hope to be able to use our summer wisely in building our savings and paying off those debts.  I do NOT want to spend twenty years paying on student loans!!
Housing Update:  We were hoping to purchase something this summer and get moved, but we are just too busy right now to even think about it.  So, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.  That’s okay, though!  Everything in God’s perfect timing.  We didn’t want to have to rent for a year, but we aren’t too far from November at this point, and frankly, we’re just thankful that we aren’t paying a big mortgage on a home we never get to enjoy anymore.  Because when I say we are never home….we are NEVER home!  My prayer is that that would change soon, and as it does, God would provide us the perfect home for our family and lifestyle.
Hopefully I will remember my camera tomorrow so I can post some photos of Sassy from VBS and swimming lessons!
Hope you’re having a great week!  God Bless!!
P.S. – We have some friends who will be traveling to Guatemala at the end of the month to do some missions work in the form of good ole fashion hard work, so please be in prayer for them and their trip.  I also have two friends who will be delivering babies within the next week.  Please be in prayer for these moms and their families.  I am selfishly praying that a certain little girl makes her appearance before we leave for vacation!  LOL!!

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