Family Update

Well, I figure it is due time for another general family update.  T-Ball is in full swing!  We are loving it, even though our team isn’t very good.  The girls are having a great time, and that is what matters right now.  Coach’s summer ball is also in full swing now.  We had a local tournament this past weekend, where the girls won one out of four of their games.  Not too bad for a young group.  This coming weekend we will be traveling to Monroe to play.  Sassy is excited to go back and see where she use to live as a little baby.  (Hard to believe she was a little baby with the way she grows.) 
Of course our school here (Kees Academy) has been completed for some time now, so for now we are just doing some general work until I get our summer curriculum rolling.  Our order should be in any day now!!  We are anxiously waiting for it!
A couple of weeks ago I went in for my 21 day progesterone labs.  After a week of calling for results, I was finally told that they were basically no good because they need me to come in for a 3-day, and then a 21-day.  Wish I would have known!!  So that was super frustrating!!!  Especially now that I know it looks like our insurance isn’t going to cover a single dime of it.  So…for those of you who get pregnant on a whim…be thankful!  For those of us who aren’t so blessed, it is costly, time consuming, and frustrating.  So please be in prayer for my patience, and that insurance will pull through on all these labs and cover some of the cost. 
Since we are on the whole fertility subject…I guess I’ll let the cat out of the bag, as we could use your prayers.  Justin and I will be traveling to Shreveport on Wednesday to meet with an adoption agency for an orientation.  The meeting is mainly just for us to get some good information and really get a good feel for the agency.  We have always had a heart for adoption, and have definitely been feeling a tug in that direction over the past year.  So whether we take a step forward into pursuing adoption, or just get a good foundation to do it in the future, please be in prayer for us.  You can be praying for safe travels, the guidance of the Lord through our meeting and beyond, the right questions to be asked, clear answers, courage and strong faith to see God’s will for our family, and all anxiety to disappear.  As with every decision our family makes, one side is supportive while the other thinks we’re crazy.  Of course if you’ve been reading my postings for any amount of time, you know that we don’t really care.  As harsh as it sounds, we only strive to follow God and please him.  As long as God calls us, we will follow.  Whether family and friends stand by us, or fall behind us.  Some days that is really tough for us to remember, but we know God knows what is best for each us.
Our annual MOPS po-boy sale went great!  Thanks to everyone who helped us out, made donations, and ordered!! Everyone has raved about the po-boys, and we made a good profit.  God has definitely blessed our group!  Our coordinators did a fabulous job, as always!!  I will hate to see them step down this year, and I certainly hope us new gals can fill their shoes!  BTW….if you’re a mom of little ones…you NEED MOPS!!  You may not realize it now, but come to one meeting and you will be hooked.  I promise.
I hope that each of you is having a good week.  If you have any prayer needs, please let us know, as we would love the opportunity to be in prayer with/for you and your family.
God Bless!!!  Have a super-duper week!

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