Easy Up-Cycle

I’m super excited to share with you my latest up-cycle craft!  My family eats a lot of canned green beans.  Mainly because this is one of the only veggies my hubby enjoys.  So, needless to say we end up throwing out a lot of those cans.  I decided there had to be a way to reuse them.  Sure enough…after a day of deliberation over what to do with them I finally decided to use them to organize. 
I used one can and printed duct tape I already had.
I covered the outside of the can in the duct tape.  Easy!
Wrapped Can
 I felt like my can needed a little something extra, so I pulled out the ribbon scraps I had and added a bow.  Viola!
Finished Project
 See how easy that was!!  The whole process only took me about ten minutes.  The hardest part was deciding which ribbon to use!  LOL!!  I made this one for sharpie storage.  I plan on making a few others for marker and color pencil storage for our classroom since the boxes get so much abuse. 
Share your can up-cycle project with us!

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