10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I thought I’d give you guys a fun post today.  I think this is more fun for y’all, than fun for myself.  I’m giving you ten things that you don’t know about me…and I probably wouldn’t normally just come out and tell you.  However, you might find some of them entertaining.
1.  I am an organizing junkie.  Seriously…I will organize a room, closet or drawer…then change it up a few months later to try a new way of organizing.  I swear I get a high from it.  I’m not the most organized, but I do love doing it.
2.  I hate to cry.  I adamantly try to cry only in privacy.  I feel weak and vulnerable when I cry, and that is not the image I like to give.  I know it is silly and “everyone’s doing it” (LOL), but it makes me uncomfortable.
3.  I want to adopt.  It may not be next year, or ten years from now, but at some point I would love the opportunity to adopt.  We would adopt tomorrow if we had the funds, but do you know how expensive it is!!  But this is a life-long dream of mine.
4.  I do not believe in the death penalty.  I realize this may be a hot topic for some; and I have family that disagree with me on this, but I just don’t believe in it.  I believe that murder is murder and the death penalty is murder.  I do not believe God granted us, as humans, the right to take someone’s life because of what they have done.  God is the ultimate judge.
5.  I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  Yes, we desire more children.  So when you ask me why we haven’t had more, or say “Well, ya’ll don’t want more kids?!”….I want to scream!  However…I don’t.  I smile and respond politely, “We would love to have more children.  They are such a blessing.”  I struggle with the feeling of failure in terms of my condition, but I trust God.  I am determined to not sit around being a victim of it.  I work hard every day through diet, exercise, medication and lots of Dr. visits to improve my condition and be successful in conceiving.  I have never felt jealous of those having babies.  I love to hear good news of families being blessed with more children.  Yes, I pray that God would bless us in due time, but I pray daily that he would continue to bless our family and friends with more children.  I am not envious, and I do not go home and cry because you can have children and I can’t.  My time will come, so please do not worry about sharing your news with us, or saying the right or wrong thing.  Just be you and I will be me.  I am already blessed beyond measure.
6.  My husband is a coach (3 sports currently & year around).  Some days this makes me crazy!  I realize that unless there is a coach in your family, it is very difficult to understand the life of a coach and his/her family.  But let me tell you it is not glamorous and fun all the time.  My husband works 5 to 6 days a week, anywhere from 55 to 80 hours a week.  He leaves before the sun comes up, and doesn’t usually get home until 9pm or later.  Why yes, he is a teacher too and gets holidays and summers “off”.  He gets off from his teaching gig…not his coaching gig…which is very demanding.  His time “off” is never really time off in the sense that most people understand.  When he is “off”, he is playing games, running practice, keeping up fields, working on stats, taking care of equipment and uniforms, making schedules, etc.  Our daughter has to go days in a row at times without seeing her daddy.  And no, the pay is not fabulous.  It is teacher’s pay…with a very small stipend.  I’m not complaining.  I am very thankful he has a job that pays the bills for us, and one that he enjoys.  But please don’t assume that he, or we, have it made.  We are a family of three living off of a teacher’s salary in Louisiana.  And my husband and I both sacrifice a lot to lead this lifestyle.  Some days I want him to quit, and he knows this (LOL).  Some days I feel so tired I cry to him about it.  Tired of doing so much alone and tired of him being gone.  Tired of consoling my crying child after she’s gone two days without him.  But we make it through.  Until God leads us in another direction, we will follow Him and carry on. 
7.  I struggle to be consistent in my quiet time with God.  Please pray for me in this area.  So often I let our crazy schedules and all the distractions in life get in the way.  There is no good excuse.  This should be priority for me.  I do great for a few weeks with this, and then I slack off.  I LOVE God!  I LOVE spending time with Him!  I long to be a better christian.  I will never be perfect, but God is so good to me….He deserves so much more from me.
8.  I’m cheap frugal.  Living on a teacher’s salary makes the budget tight.  Therefore, mama has to get creative.  I shop clearance.  If you get a gift from me…I either made it or found it on the clearance rack and thought you’d love it.  I can not afford to keep up with the fashion of the season.  In our house, my husband and I might buy one new outfit twice a year…and not all parts of the outfit at once.  We would rather save the money or use it in a better way.  My child gets new clothes during Spring and mid Fall.  I try to shop in advance, so I buy next Fall and Winter’s items during Spring and Summer, and vice- versa.  I can save a lot that way.  I use coupons and run on a tight budget.  If it’s cheaper to make it, I will.  Although our budget is super tight, we love it and we never go without anything we need.  I cut my husband’s hair, and typically my daughter’s.  They are simple, easy cuts that I am able to do.  I usually get my hair cut once a year or so because I let it grow until I am able to donate it to Locks of Love.  However, my gray hair is really starting to make its appearance, so I may have to open that hair budget up a bit.  I’m too young for this gray hair mess!!
9.  I hate clutter!  It makes me anxious!  I clean out the house about every six months and get rid of what we don’t use/need.  If it’s been a super busy week and the house is looking messy and cluttered, I usually feel like I’m going to fly off the handle.  Seriously…I get major anxiety.  Luckily my husband is wonderful and knows my limits on mess.  He does a great job of helping me out when it’s been crazy and the house needs help.  I’m sure it’s mostly because he doesn’t want to have to go have his wife committed for OCD issues and listen to me rant and rave about the mess all the way to the ‘hospital’ (LOL), but it sure is nice of him to be so awesome.
10.  I do not like to be breathed on.  I know…sounds silly.  But really….I hate it!  If someone is breathing on me…I feel icky and as if my air will soon run out and I will suffocate.  Ask my husband.  I make him turn over multiple times during the night.  🙂  Sorry Hun!!
Now, feel free to share some things about yourself!  I promise I’m not crazy!  I know you’re probably wondering now that you’ve read all this, but I swear I’m not crazy.  At least not too crazy, I guess.
*Thankful for Spring!*

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