A Birthday Celebration

Can you believe I now have a six year old?!  I can’t!  On March 11th, at 2:17 pm, Sassy turned six years old.  Wow!  Well, since we weren’t planning the huge birthday party blow out like we normally do, we planned to spend her birthday having fun.  And that’s just what we did.
We arrive at Chuck-E-Cheese at 10:30am and played for a solid hour!  We had a blast!  We had the whole place to ourselves, and only spent $11.00!  Seriously…only $11.00!
After Sassy got her prizes, we took her to her favorite eating spot…Ryans.  I don’t know why she loves Ryans so much, but she does.  It’s a place we save for super special events for her.  Here is a photo of her enjoying her lunch.
After lunch we went to Daddy’s school so that he could run track practice and help with basketball try-outs.  Little did the birthday girl know what was going to happen next….
She got to go riding!  This made her day!  She LOVES horses!  While we there she also got to see two brand new colts, one of which was born on her birthday.  I’ve never seen this child so thrilled and content.  She rode that horse for over an hour.
She had such a wonderful birthday!  Her party was the day before; here are some photos from it.  She got lots of great stuff!  Of course she wanted a horse cake, so we did one with cupcakes.  The cake is dyed vanilla, topped with chocolate butter cream icing.  I had a lot of fun on this cake.  I’m use to doing bigger, more elaborate cakes, but this was simple and really enjoyable for me.
Riley Grace's 6th Birthday 007 Riley Grace's 6th Birthday 008

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


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