New Hope

A little over a week ago I called my doctor’s office and switched doctors in office.  I hated to do it because I did really like the doctor I had, but if you’ve kept up with the blog or know my family well, you know the issues I’ve had and the problems we’ve had getting pregnant.  It was to the point that I felt my doctor just didn’t know what to do with me.  He didn’t know how to help me.  So, we felt it was time to make a change; he wasn’t delivering babies anymore anyhow.  I decided to switch to a new doctor who had just come into the office.  I had heard a lot of good things about her and she is young and has had experience with infertilty on a personal level.

I was really nervous about switching and what she would have to say about our situation, but I went ahead and scheduled a consult with her to get to know her and to share our struggle and get her take on our PCOS problem.  Since the birth of my daughter, who turns 6 in 9 days, I have never left my doctor’s office with more hope concerning my disease.  She gave me more answers in 30 minutes than I’ve had in four years.  Basically, she said were on the right track with the way we were doing things, the weight I’ve lost, and the meds I’ve been on, but I needed to be taking a higher dosage of my medication.  She immediately corrected this for me.  She also informed me to call and schedule a hormone panel within the next couple of weeks when the time was right, and told us to give the good ole OPK’s another try since I’ve made so much progress the last few months.  My husband and I were thrilled to hear her say that my disease/condition (I hate calling it a disease, but that’s what she says it is.) is totally controlable and as we were leaving she said, “It’s gunna happen.  We’re going to get a baby!”.  I’ve never gotten so much positive feedback from my doctors, nor so much hope for our future.  We are excited to get things going, but we are more excited to finally be on the right track.

When I first suspected I had PCOS I was afraid I would never have more children unless I had thousands of dollars to spend on treatment or adoption.  Which, by the way, I do not have!  I wish I did that that much money so that I could adopt a child, but that isn’t an option right now.  When my doctor confirmed my suspicion of the disease I felt a bit alone.  I didn’t know of anyone who had ever dealt with this disease.  Heck, I didn’t even know of anyone who had dealt with fertility issues.  I felt like I couldn’t talk about what we were going through.  God soon brought quite a few people into my life who did understand what I was going through, and it felt so good to be able to talk to other women about their journey with infertility.  That’s why I share about my journey on our blog.  To let women out there know they can talk about it; there is nothing wrong with them.  Infertility is really tough, but there is hope and there are people who understand.  I had no clue I had PCOS until I went to my doctor after the birth of my daughter, Sassy.  And she was 3 years old then.  It took me a long time to work up the courage to go get checked out because I didn’t want to have a problem.  But I’m so glad today that I did go.  It wasn’t until this week that I found out I’ve always had PCOS, I just never knew it.  I was under the impression that it just appeared after having my first child.  I mean she was a surprise to say the least, and I had never had any problems until I got pregnant.  But I learned this week that PCOS just doesn’t appear; it’s something your born with.  I was apparently born with it and the weight gain during my pregnancy just brought it out.  Which made me realize that the conception of my daughter was somewhat of a miracle.  I believe every conception is a miracle, but apparently she was definitely one.  Many times I’ve told people that in a way she saved me…well…saved us.  (I’ll get into that another day.) But what an eye opener to realize that I’ve always suffered from a disease that makes it close to impossible to get pregnant, and the child that so many people in today’s world would have called “a mistake” or an “uh-oh” was just a mile marker on our journey under God’s incredible plan for our lives.  That’s why I have so much hope for our future in terms of growing our family.  I know God is in control!  He has an amazing plan for me and my family!


This certaily isn’t one of my most organized posts for you, but I felt it was important to share with you as soon as I could.  Thanks to all those who have been praying for us in this area.  I know that God hears those prayers, and we greatly appreciate your support.  We have some awesome friends and family!

God Bless!



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