Our Homeschool Week 2/25 – 3/1

I figured it was about time I get back to sharing our homeschool adventures, lesson, and projects with you.  So…here is sort of what our lesson plans look like this week:

Monday: ELA – little book, discuss parts of a book & play simon says book parts, review nouns, singular/plural, rhyming words; Math – addition, subtraction, shape review, first & second; Science – What are physical features?; History – define scarcity

Tuesday: ELA – little book, review parts of a book & make/construct your own w/ all parts, singular/plural; Math – # writing practice, counting by 5’s & 10’s; Science – list physical features; History – copy definition of scarcity and use it in a sentence

Wednesday: ELA – little book, identify parts of a book, singular/plural, punctuation; Math – counting by 5’s; Bonus Work – sound patterns       (*Wednesdays are our short days or off days!*)

Thursday: ELA – little book, rhyming words, syllables, punctuation; Math – Time; Science – draw yourself based on physical features listed on Tuesday; Health – Recycling

Friday: ELA – little book, opposites, punctuation, review singular/plural; Math – opposites, time; Science – Use any craft supplies to create yourself based on your list of physical features; History – review scarcity


On Tuesday we will be starting a new character study: arguing.  I’m excited to start on this study with my daughter because she has reached the age of ‘I know it all’.  She hasn’t gotten to the teenager level, but I’m sure you know what I mean.  I really want to instill in her early that arguing is not okay and there is right way to talk to people and get your ideas across.  I also want her to understand that we don’t always know it all and we don’t always have to be right.  Our key verse this week is 2 Timothy 3:15-17

We also have a library day scheduled for Friday.  We love to visit the library!  Later in the week I will be preparing for Dr. Seuss week.  I should have lots of fun stuff to share from that week!


Happy Monday!



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