Super Stinky Imperfection

Unfortunately I experience many days where my duties as mom, wife, cook, maid, daughter, and friend are mere lackluster performances.  I want so badly to be totally awesome and rock my duties every single day, but that just isn’t reality.  And lets face it…some days just really stink for us ladies.  Some days we totally rock….and some days we don’t.  It’s the really stinky days that get me down the most.  I’m sure all moms can relate to that.  Let’s face it, the devil thrives on stinky days in the lives of moms.  He knows that so many of us judge ourselves too harshly, and feel that we need to be perfect moms, teachers, wives, chefs, friends, etc.  So he loves to sneak up on us during our stinky days and assist us in tearing ourselves down.  I say assist because if we’re being honest we can admit that so many of those negative thoughts about ourselves, start with ourselves.  The devil likes to light a fire under those thoughts.  He doesn’t want us to feel worthy of our children, or our husbands, or our titles, or all that we’ve been blessed with.  He just doesn’t want us to be happy.  He can easily cause that stinky day to spill over into the next week if we aren’t careful.  No one is perfect!  No wife is perfect!  No mom is perfect!  And guess what…that is okay!  Ladies, we don’t have to be perfect.  If your kids didn’t get breakfast this morning and you sent them to school with a pb&j rather than the healthy meal you intended to prepare….it is okay.  If you ordered pizza for dinner because you were too tired to cook supper for the family tonight…it is okay.  If your laundry is piled ten stories high and you’ve been washing the same load for the past three days because you keep forgetting its in the washing machine…it is okay!  It is okay to be imperfect!  God did not create us to be perfect or to always do things best.  If he had, we wouldn’t need Jesus.  Love you!  Love your imperfect self and have fun doing it.  I know sometimes that is really hard to do, but we have to grow to a place where we know that it is okay and we are loved no matter what.

So, for those super stinky days we tend to have, The Far From Perfect Mommy Blogger has some great motivation!

God Bless!  & remember…YOU ROCK!!!


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