Are You a Fun Mom??


Can I be brutally honest?  Well, of course I can…it is my blog after all.  I’ve been surfing the internet a good bit here lately; you know just checkin’ out the scene.  Well, I keep seeing all these posts (esp. on pinterest) on How to be a fun mom.  Seriously?!?  The first time I came across one I didn’t even think about it.  The second and third times I was like, “hmmm…a fun mom…sure, I’m fun.  I don’t need to read it.”  But then I kept on seeing these things, and it hit me.  “Who Cares!!”  That’s actually what I said aloud.  Who cares if you are fun?!  And who defines what makes you a ‘fun mom’?  I get that we are all women, moms, girls at heart who just want to be loved.  Right??  We want people to like us.  We want our families to be pleased with us and think highly of us.  We want our kids to think we’re fun; and when they are teenagers, we want them to think we’re cool.  I mean, we’re only human.  But get real!  Don’t fall for that load of bologna!  God calls us moms for so much more than just being a ‘fun mom’.  He calls us to grow our children, to train them in His ways, to be good and productive citizens, and even more productive Christians.  He doesn’t call us to be fun.  Being fun and having fun is a plus, a reward, an extra, a privilege.  It is not and never should be our goal in raising our children.  The internet and social media is great for connecting to others and full of amazing resources and ideas.  However, some things you run across will bog you down and make you feel like a failure.  That may sound a tad bit harsh, but it is 100% true if you’re honest with yourself.  The way I see it is if you’re trying to be a ‘fun mom’, that means you’re allowing your children to lead you and judge you based on your fun-ability.  Kids are not designed to be leading the parents.  We see way too much of that in today’s society.  A mom’s job is to love and care for her children.  To teach her children to love, respect, and serve Christ.  Her job is to educate her children as much as possible.  Then, when the work is finished there is always time to put on the “fun mom hat” for a little while.

If you asked me if I thought I was a ‘fun mom’, I would say no.  I am a mom first.  Then a teacher to my child.  Once those jobs are under control and the business is handled, I love to have fun with my daughter.  But never will I define myself as a ‘fun mom’.  You may not agree with me, and you very well my view this topic from the other side of the spectrum, which I think is great and totally respect.  But I think this is a side that needs to be addressed.  When I see articles and postings entitled “How To Be A Fun Mom”, I feel disappointed and degraded.  It feels like some people out there have chalked our jobs, as moms, up to just being fun.  As if that is all that matters.  As if that is the one, true importance in mothering.  As if we are meant for nothing more.



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