Bernard and Christmas Blessings Update

Sorry I’ve been out so long!  We got bogged down in Christmas events and two days before Christmas I was down and out with a nasty bug.  But I’m certainly glad to be back!

To finish up my Christmas Blessings for my hubby, he got a Sonic gift card, new underwear (a special athletic pair that he loves, but that cost like $10 a pair), the movie Fly Wheel for another at home movie date night, and a coupon booklet (made by me).  He really enjoyed all of his gifts.

Sassy loved her 12 Days of Christmas as well.  On Christmas Eve she opened her last present, which was a red mini-mouse nightgown, and a Christmas Veggie Tales DVD that we all watched before bed.  I will def. do that again next year!  My Sassy LOVES books!  Every night when she opened one up she was just as thrilled as the first night.

Okay, here is the last photo I took of Bernard this year.  He did many funny things, but I think this was Sassy’s favorite!

Christmas 2012 004

Christmas 2012 003

Christmas 2012 002


I hope each and every one of you had a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!  I wish you each a fabulous New Year!  May 2013 be even better than 2012!

God Bless!


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