Growing up I had no idea what courtship was.  I simply had only known about dating and being bf/gf, like everyone else I knew.  It has only been over the past four years that I have discovered the idea of courtship, and what it truly means.  And although I grew up in the “dating” world, as did my husband, courtship is something we pray for in our children’s lives as they get older.  We strive to discuss courtship with our daughter whenever the opportunity arises.  She may only be five and half, but I promise you that every five year old understands the idea of boyfriend/girlfriend, and marriage.  As cute as it may be for our preschoolers to have a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” at daycare, school, or even church, we strive to teach our daughter that God didn’t design us to have boyfriends or girlfriends.  He designed us for much more.  Of course he designed us to have a life partner, a spouse, or in her case one day a husband.  But today’s idea on how to find a husband is a path full of heart ache and pain, and too often much more than that.  That simply is not God’s will for us.  God’s will for us in finding our spouse is set more along the path of courtship.  Some people prefer to think of courtship as ‘dating with a purpose’; and that’s basically what it is.  You aren’t dating to date and have fun, but to find a husband or wife.

I came across this article, Christian Courtship,  on a friend’s facebook page, and just loved it.   I love how it is mentioned that we, as parents…and Christian parents at that, will seek advice from really great authors and doctors, yet too often we don’t first seek the advice of God’s word. His guidelines and thoughts on everything are right there!


Happy Tuesday & Merry Christmas!




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