Christmas Blessings

This year for Christmas I decided that I really wanted to bless my husband and child with something more than just gifts on Christmas day.  So, I decided this year that for our daughter we do 12 days of blessings to count down the last 12 days till Christmas.  Each night she will unwrap a book that we will read together.  Some night will include special activities.  On Christmas Eve her last gift to unwrap will be new pajamas and a movie for us to have a special family Christmas movie night.  I am so excited for this!  That was easy…coming up with something to do for my husband wasn’t so easy!  He too will be receiving Christmas blessings, but in a slightly different way.  Instead of getting a gift every day for the last 12 days until Christmas, beginning tonight, he will randomly receive gifts up until Christmas.  Some of the gifts are quite simple, while others are a bit more special.  My goal in this was to truly bless my husband and show him how special he is to me, while all the while keeping the cost down.  (Which I am proud to say I did!…the cost part at least.)  I do hope that this makes him feel loved and appreciated.  I’m not sharing what all I got him for this, but I’ll post photos as he receives the gifts.  I don’t want him finding out what all he is getting before he gets it!

With all this planning I’ve been doing for this, I thought I would share some other great ideas I’ve run across for doing something very similar in case any of you want to do this for your husbands.  I also thought these things could be done at other times during the year as well!

Spouse Christmas Countdown

12 Days of Christmas Punch Poster

Coupon Date Night

December Weekend Movie Dates (This could be done at home or go to the theater.  The idea is that each weekend you and your spouse have 1 movie date night.  If you do this at home you could prepare his favorite meal, order out, make special snacks, etc.  Get creative!)

12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt  (Each day your spouse gets a clue either leading to a daily small gift, or just giving hints about some of his gifts under the tree for Christmas day.)

Date Night Jar  (Write date night ideas on popsicle sticks and place in a mason jar.  Maybe make a cute tag and tie a ribbon on your jar.  Place all the sticks in the jar, and once a week let your spouse pull a stick from the jar.  Whatever is on the stick is what y’all do for your date night.)

Hope you enjoy!  Please share some of your ideas on how to bless your husband either throughout the year or during the holiday season!




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