Okay, I know y’all have been just dying to know what I was so excited to share with you about.  So, here it is…a really awesome, new website/app that I was introduced to, SlimKicker.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’m taking a 90 Day Challenge and improving my health.  SlimKicker is an awesome website/app that allows you to put in your personal information, as well as your health goals.  It allows you to track your eating and exercise, and even sign up for challenges.  You can connect with friends, find motivation, and even post a reward that you will give yourself once you reach certain goals.  The site is very user friendly, and can be a great tool in your weight loss journey.  Although new to the site, I am very excited it to be using it.  The best part of it all is that it is completely FREE!  Don’t you just love that!  One of my favorite things about the site is the food tracker.  It shows you how much fat, calories, carbs, protein, sodium, fiber, chol., and sugar you have consumed and how much you have left for the day.  It also charts the information into a food log.  I have yet to have an issue finding the food I’ve eaten in their food library, and even if I did…I can create my own listing.  The site and logs stats are very easy to read and understand.   So, if you’re looking for something to do the math for you and be the brains of your weight loss operation, you will love this site!

I tried a spinach tortilla chicken wrap for lunch today.  I don’t love it yet, but I actually didn’t dislike it either.  You use 1 spinach tortilla, spread 1 wedge of laughing cow sun-dried tomato and basil cheese on it, add cucumber slices, tomato slices, spinach, and chicken of your choice.  I used deli-meat chicken.  I honestly think that is why I didn’t love the wrap.  I’m not big on deli sliced chicken.  I think next time I’ll uses actually chicken breast slices.  It is actually very simple to make and quite nutritious.   I found it very filling, which surprised me.  I had the large burrito tortillas, so I cut the wrap in half, and only half was plenty for me.  Thought I’d share the recipe with you in case anyone is looking for a healthy lunch option.

I am currently cooking zero point soup!  I’m excited to see how it tastes, so I’ll let you know!  I’m planning on using it for lunches as well, or for my dinner on nights when my family is eating something a little too fattening for me.

Happy Tuesday!



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