Join me on this challenge…

I wanted to share with y’all what I have started.  If you’ve been following our blog, you know our infertility struggles, as well as my own struggle with weight loss.  I’ve been seriously losing weight now for just over a year, and truthfully, it has gone too slow, and I continue getting discouraged.  This results in a month of me slacking off…gaining 3-5lbs back…getting angry…trying again…losing 5-10lbs…getting discouraged…and on and on and on.  Well, frankly I’ve had enough!  I’ve committed myself to doing the work regardless of the outcomes.  I’ve started trying to educate myself more on proper nutrition, I’m starting to implement some weight watchers, and most recently I started a 90 day challenge.  I am truly excited about this!  And I certainly hope to stay this motivated and excited!  But it honestly is hard not to when you have such an awesome program to follow with so many other inspiring women.  If you want to see what I’m talking about, go check out Briana’s story and her program over at Bikini Body Mommy.  I promise you will love it!  And her!  You can follow her on facebook, and get daily updates and inspiration.  I am currently on Day 2 of her 90 Day Challenge, and I encourage you to join me!  When I found her page and read her story, and discovered her transformation, I felt like I had a connection to her.  Like she was my long lost best gal pal from kindergarten.  Seriously!  She really makes every reader/follower feel like her best friend.  And seeing a real person, being honest and candid about weight loss…extreme amounts of weight loss…done the real, and hard way…gave me hope.  She didn’t have surgery, she didn’t go on the Biggest Loser, or Dr. Oz, or anything else.  She didn’t take magic fat-melting pills (which btw don’t exist)!  She is just your normal mom who did it the hard way…and she succeeded.  It is so nice to know, that in this society we live in today, there are people out there like me.  People who screwed up, got fat, put in the sweat and tears (oh yes…tears…tears of pain, guilt, frustration, and maybe even hunger at times), and stuck to the plan and did it.  That is the kind of success story I want!  So whether you have 100+ pounds to lose, or that last annoying 5…you will benefit from this.  No, I am not paid for saying all of this.  This is just me being real.  My goal is to lose the weight I need to lose, but most importantly to become a healthier mother and wife, and a healthier me.  If my hormones benefit from it all and my infertility issues dissipate, that is fabulous!  And if they don’t, and I am left simply being a healthier me who still can’t get pregnant…that’s okay too.  God has a plan for all of us, so I’m just going to trust him on that end, but I am going to do all I can to help him out and hold up my end of the bargain.  This week starts my time of change.  That means implementing my weight watchers, staying true to my workouts, and whatever else I have to do get my big butt in shape.  So, I hope that you will join me and share with me your journey of getting fit!

God Bless & Have a Fabulous Weekend!



2 thoughts on “Join me on this challenge…

  1. Michelle Patterson says:

    Well said Ashley! I am also fed up, an I have over 100 lbs to lose and it can be so discouraging sometimes. But, with encouragement from others going through it too, I know we can both do this! I will be praying for your journey Ashley!

    • Yes we can!! Thanks so much, and I will praying for you as well. I know how hard it can be. Today I did my workout just before dinner and drank 24oz of water just before we ate, and I wasn’t even really hungry…I ate less than my picky 5 year old. So I may have to do that more often! Keep me updated on things and if you come across and yummy, healthy recipes, send them this way!

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