Introducing Bernard

As I’ve mentioned before, our family has a new tradition for the Holiday season.  His name is Bernard the Elf.  He is an Elf on the Shelf, sent to us from Santa himself.  Below are the photos of Bernard’s antics thus far:

He behaved pretty well on his first day here.

Day 2…looking a bit suspicious…

Seriously, Bernard?! Apparently his ‘Plan B’ is to join the circus if Santa fires him!

“Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” ….caught red-handed..

So far Bernard has really kept us entertained!  He even managed to get some brownie points his first day by bringing back a little surprise for us from the North Pole.  He brought the movie Despicable Me!  Sassy was super excited!  We are going to watch it Thursday night while decorating our Christmas tree.  Unfortunately, it is the only night this week our daddy won’t be working late.  But that’s okay, we plan to make it worth while!





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