Hi, my name is Ashley, and I am a Black Friday Addict.

I told y’all I was seriously considering not going Black Friday shopping this year with all that has been going on, the crazy hours it started this year, and the fact that my shopping was pretty well done.  However, I explained in that post that I may be slightly addicted, and that I love spending the girl time with my sisters and step-mom.  So..I know y’all are just dying to know if I went this year or not!  The suspense has been killing you hasn’t it?!  Well, the truth is…..as the title of this post suggests…I went!  Yes, I am an addict!  I can admit it!  This year was exhausting…we started at 4pm Thursday and didn’t get home until 8am Friday!  Agghh!!  I did this on two weeks of non-stop business with the move and little sleep…only to be followed by more moving and even less sleep.  So, I still have not fully recovered.  However, as exhausting as it was and can be…I really enjoyed it.  We had a blast!  Now, will I got back next year?  Who knows…but, lets be honest…I say that every year, and every single year I give in and go.  Hence the title here.


God Bless!


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