Black Friday Addiction

I don’t know about you other ladies, but I love me some Black Friday!  Every year I start checking at least once a week for leaked ads.  Crazy…I know!  Of course, every year I go Black Friday shopping.  I don’t like the fighting or the crowds..or the lines, but still I go.  My sister, step-mom, and myself go every year.  My little sister usually gets in on it too…she’s nine, by the way, and has gone practically her whole life.  Why yes, we are nuts, but isn’t nutty the new normal?!  This year, it is a little different.  This year, I am already done with my shopping people!  I am proud to say that!  Usually by this time I am almost done, but still need to buy for a few people.  Not this time!  Of course we will draw names at Thanksgiving and I’ll have to shop for those people, but my main shopping is done and over.  This had me thinking that despite the peer pressure…I might not go Black Friday shopping this year.  Whoa!  I know, right?!  However, I then began to think of all the great deals I’ve seen in the ads I’ve stalked since October, and what a bonding experience is for women.  (Yes, men, we bond over fighting 50 other women for $2 towels and $5 pajama sets on Black Friday.  I know this is difficult for you to understand, but it is true…please bear with us.)  I look forward to Black Friday not just for the deals on stuff that we don’t really need, but mainly for all the time I spend with my step-mom and sisters.  Our lives are so busy that we don’t get to just go out on a shopping spree together for 15 hours straight too often.  I enjoy the time spent.  Some years I end up hardly purchasing things, but I still have a fabulous time.

Before I came to the realization that I love Black Friday for a reputable reason, I was actually concerned I may have a Black Friday addiction.  Here I was, thinking I hated the lines and the noise and the crowds, and really wanted to spend time at home, yet I was feeling like I HAD to go shopping on Black Friday.  Now, I can admit I have a slight addiction to this day, as do most women, I believe, but I was happy to discover I had a better reason for going.  So, the big question this year is…will I be going Black Friday shopping?  Stay tuned to find out!  After discovering they have great online deals and the thought of doing a little shopping Thursday night and then maybe going to do a movie or something with my husband and daughter, I just might break tradition this year.  So, check back after Thanksgiving to see if I gave in, or gave up.

Happy Monday!


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