It’s Good to be Back

I know y’all are probably thinking I have fallen of the face of the earth, right?!  LOL…j/k…I know you don’t think about me that much, but it has been a while, hasn’t it.  It’s been slightly nutty around here, so am here to update you!  As you know, I had a cake order last week for a baby shower.  I had tons of fun doing it!  If you want to check it out, go to my Cake Crafty posting.  Right in the middle of working on this cake I heard a funny bark outside.   (We have 3 dogs, but this didn’t sound like mine.)  So, I went to see who was under the carpet wanting to pay us a visit.  I didn’t see a dog, but heard the bark again.  I walked out around the car and it was our Ginger barking (she is a dachshund).  But she sounded so strange…so I called her name.  When she turned around I saw that both sides of her face were swollen and a section of her chest was swollen.  She was barking and running around frantically, so I ushered her in the house so I could call my husband and check her out.  As I was getting her into the house I noticed our baby dachshund, Bear, wasn’t around.  That was strange.  He was ALWAYS with Ginger, if not far behind her.   I ran inside and got a better look at Ginger…she looked rough.  I took her collar off in case it was too tight…and it was…and I checked her over.  I found a spot on her, but couldn’t tell if it was a snake bite or something else.  I frantically called my husband, halfway in tears because my baby Bear was now missing and I was afraid my Ginger was going to die.  He told me to watch her close while he called his brother to see what they thought.  My brother and sister-in-law are like experts on animals at this point.  My sister-in-law was once a vet tech, and they have owned lots of cats and dogs, fish, frogs, and now chickens and goats.  So we knew they would have good advice.  I was sure would be going to the vet, but I wanted to wait and make sure that is what my husband wanted me to do.  He called me back and told me to take her to the vet.  So at this point I was in the middle of decorating this cake, and I was suppose to take my five year old to my mom’s house in an hour for a sleep-over, and now I needed to go to the vet with my swollen dog and 5 year old with fondant and coloring all over myself.  I refused to let all the chaos get to me, so I stopped and said a little prayer.  I then picked up the phone and called my mother-in-law, who lives about 1 mile from us, and tried to finish cleaning up a little.  She answered and I asked her what she was doing and if she was busy.  Her response was, “I’m getting dressed to come down to your house”.  Praise God!  I thanked her a million and got the kid and dog ready to go.  My husband is such a thoughtful and wonderful man, he had called my mother-in-law after speaking to me to let her know what was going on and to see if she could help, because he knew I was juggling fire.  I am so thankful for that man!  I then called my mom at work, explained what was going on, and asked her if she could meet us at the vet when she got off.  As my mother-in-law pulled in the driveway, I ushered RG into the car with her bags, wrapped up the dog and headed out the door.  My MIL was even sweet enough to drive us to the vet office.  Once we arrived, they didn’t take long to see her.  The Dr. could feel air under her skin and knew whatever it was hit her windpipe.  She said we needed an x-ray to see what was going on.  She thought whatever it was just grazed it and it had closed itself off, but we needed to be sure.  Twenty minutes later she took me back to the x-ray room, and told me this was very unusual, as she pointed to a little round dot on the screen.  My jaw hit the floor.  She said, “that is definitely a bb, and it did graze her windpipe”.  I was in shock, as I think was she.  She explained that Ginger should be fine, they would give her a shot and some meds to send home for her and if we needed anything to call her.  Whew!  I knew we weren’t out of the clear just yet, but if she made it through the next 24 hours okay, she would be fine.  My next fear was how much the vet bill would cost me.  LOL!  I didn’t mind paying  considering what had happened, and actually I was quite surprised that the bill was $300 less than I thought it would be.  So, home we went, medicine in hand.  On the way home, I held Ginger and thanked God for sparing her life because I just couldn’t lose two dogs in one day, and I knew in my heart that Bear was gone.

I am happy to report that our Ginger is doing fine, and is actually back to normal!  I even got that cake finished!  LOL!  That was one week ago today, but to be honest, it feels like it was a month ago.  That is how crazy busy we have been with packing, Christmas shopping, transferring utilities, MDO, packing Operation Christmas Child boxes, taking care of Ginger, being sick, homeschool, and working on a cake order for this weekend.  I can also report that we have a new puppy.  He is 6 weeks old, and doesn’t yet have a name.  I’ll let you know when we pick one for him.  After losing Bear, our family just didn’t feel the same.  Three dogs can be a lot, but for us it worked.  And heck, I said if we can’t have kids we might as well have dogs!  LOL!  So, now we have this little guy.  He is quite similar to Bear, but of course will never be like Bear and will certainly never replace him.  But he brought joy back to my family’s face…especially my daughter’s.  She loves that baby puppy, and has taken on the responsibility of caring for him.  He has equally grown attached to her.

So now that part of our craziness is over, my husband and I have a date tonight!  I am so excited!  With his schedule we actually get very, VERY little time together as a couple.  Tonight we are traveling about an hour to go to a friend’s playoff game in Basile.  He was sweet enough to have us tickets set aside, and t-shirts!  I know not too many women would look at going to a football game in the freezing cold a fabulous date night, but I do.  I am super excited!  And I love to spend time with my husband in His element.

Moving Update:  This weekend the electricity should be on in the new place, and next week water should be working.  I plan to go clean carpets and the fridge next week, and then we will start moving stuff in around the 15th or so.  With the way this move is going to work, I expect it to be a while before actually get into the new place.  We have down-sized a lot of our stuff so far, but I know once we arrive we will need to do so again.  Closing happens the Monday after Thanksgiving, which I am thankful for.  We may need that Saturday and Sunday to finish getting stuff out of this house and get it cleaned.  Between the holiday and my husbands schedule, we do stuff as we can.  So, I am still packing!  And once the packing ends, the unpacking begins, and I’m sure that at some point in the next year or so, packing will happen again.  Fun stuff, huh?!

Sorry I’ve bored you with all of these words!  If you read all of this, you are truly a super fan!  😉

God Bless and Have a Fabulous Weekend!


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