What Women Need To Know

I think we can all admit that in today’s culture (for the most part), sex is a pretty casual topic.  Forms of pornography are literally everywhere!  Even on facebook now!  More and more people seem to think it is okay.  Well, it isn’t.  In no way, shape, or form is it acceptable according to God’s standards.  Of course I realize that many in today’s world aren’t all that concerned with God’s standards, but rather our own.  I find that very sad.  People can argue until they are blue in the face and pass out, but the simple truth is that pornography is a problem and it is never okay.  I honestly never even knew what it was until I got into college.  The more I would hear about it or see pornographic advertisements, the sicker it made me feel.  Quite honestly I felt a little confused about it.  I felt like it was wrong, yet so many people said it was okay, or it was only ok in certain circumstances.  I didn’t understand why people wanted to watch it, so I began asking people (people whom I trusted) if they thought pornography was bad or sinful.  None of them confirmed what I felt about it.  Not one!  And although these people were friends, I just wasn’t comforted with the idea of it.  Over time God revealed me that it is wrong and sinful, and it hurts people.  It doesn’t just hurt the viewer, but those around them as well.  He also taught me that it is an addiction and people can be over-taken by it…just like drugs.  But I think the most important thing I learned about it was that those who do find themselves under its influence aren’t bad people.  Those people know it’s wrong…they feel guilt and shame from it…and the correct response is not to shame them more or shun them, but to love them and help them.  That is why I am so glad to see Lysa TerKeurst‘s post about this issue.  As women of God, we need to take a stand for our marriages, for our husbands, for our families, and for our beliefs…God’s word and commandment.  Her post comes from an article by Jake Larson, and I believe everyone needs to hear the message.  Whether you have experience dealing with pornography or not you need to read it.  Whether you are in the middle of trying to help your husband through the battle or not…you need to read it.  Because ladies…the ugly truth is that this stuff is everywhere!  Satan has planted this all over our world because he knows how strong the temptation can be.  None of us are immune to this.  None of our husbands or marriages are immune to this.  Jake answers some tough questions in this post, but he does a great job…and I love his honesty.

Interested in following Jake?  You can follow him at www.jakelarson.com.

I don’t post on such risque topics often, but I felt this needed to be shared.  Too often women feel ashamed of sharing these struggles.  It shouldn’t be that way.  We should be there to support one another, to lift up one another, and to share our successes and struggles with one another.


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