Daddy & Me Camp Out

Last week my husband asked our daughter if she would like to have a living room camp out with him.  She was thrilled!  She talked about this camp out every single day leading up to Friday.  Once the day had finally arrived, both of them were sick with stuffy noses and yucky coughs.  My sweet husband kept his promise though.  I helped them construct a fort/tent in our living room and before I sent them off I administered them each their medicine.  They had so much fun doing this!

Setting Up Camp









Night! Night!

Night! Night!










I’m sure you are wondering what I did during the camp out.  Well, I was in bed by 8:30!  Can you believe that!  That never happens around here!  Anyhow, I got in bed around 8:30 and had the entire bed to myself!  I spent an hour watching one of my favorite movies…Christmas with the Kranks!  I love all Christmas movies, really!  LOL!  It was like a little slice of heaven!  I slept for 11 hours that night!  Trust me, I needed that sleep though.  I usually do good to get 7 hours a night, and I’m a mama who needs 8…sometimes more.  Can I get an amen?!

Anyhow…just wanted to share one of our fun family moments!  Have a T-rific Tuesday!  :0)



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