God is Good!!!

Have I mentioned God is good!?!  We got word yesterday that appraisal went well on our home and we are officially under contract!  Woo-Hoo!!  Next month we will do termite inspection, and then we are good to go for closing end of November.    Looks like we are going to be renting for a while, to try and pay down all our debts before working on the house situation.  We don’t want to rush anything and we really want to allow God to work.  He has already done so much for us, why would we intervene now?!  Like most people, we don’t love the idea of renting, but if it’s God’s will and what gets us to living the good life…we will do it with a smile on our faces.  We know that God will lead us to the right home, land, or whatever it may be, at the right time.  We are just so thankful for his many blessings!

On another great note…my husband is now employed by Rapides Parish, and works for Rapides High School.  So far he absolutely loves it!  As do I!  We are double thankful for God’s blessings on our lives!

I have started the packing process, which seems it will never end around here!  LOL!  Yesterday I packed up most of the home decor stuff and photos around the house, and man does it look bare around here!  It is so weird!  I got a little sad about it yesterday, but then I realized that the house is starting to look empty, which means soon my wallet will start to look full.  Hehe!!  I thought that was funny!  I told my husband that line yesterday when he got home from his game…he thought it was pretty funny, too.  :0)

Tonight is my little sister’s birthday dinner at our parent’s house, so we are very excited for fun family time!  It’s a tradition that on everyone’s birthday my step-mom cooks whatever the birthday boy/girl wants and everyone celebrates together.  I just love it!  I love that my parents still make each of us feel special on our birthdays even as adults.  I hope to pass that on to my kids!  What are some of your favorite family traditions?

Have a blessed weekend!


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