Presidential Debate

You know I just had to post about this, right?!  I mean, what good American citizen isn’t talking about it??

Let me start of with a little disclaimer…I consider myself a conservative, I side more with Republicans on issues than Democrats nine times out of ten.  I love America!  I love people!  I am not happy with the America we currently have, and feel disappointed by many people in America today.  However, I have high hopes that improvements can be made.  I am not a huge fan of our current President, but I do respect him.  I respect him because of his position as President, and for all the things he deals with due to being in that position.  I try very hard to never let my personal feelings affect my ability to make good decisions about important things.  Voting for President is one of those times where personal feelings are thrown out the window, and I believe that is important and something we should all do when picking our next President.  Although I am not a huge fan of Mr. President, or his policies, but I pray for him and his family a lot.  I believe in prayer!….for everyone!  (Esp. if we want a better America.)

Okay, so now that you kind of have a little info on me and where I stand personally on politics, I want to know…what did you think about last night’s debate?  I’ll point out a few things I noticed with no personal bias included, but I would love to hear your perspective as well.  I actually like politics…go figure!  I did not watch the entire debate, but the biggest thing I noticed was that Mr. President seemed to struggle.  This concerns me!  If you really listened to the questions and answers, you probably noticed that there were quite a few instances where he never actually answered the questions.  He said a lot, and included a lot of good things, but never really answered the question.  Now, if you think back to all of these events four years ago when he was first running for President, you might notice a common theme.  In many cases, he did not answer the questions he was asked.  Yes, four years ago, he was a rookie and I can understand the fact that you just can’t always have the answer for everything.  However, this happened way too much.  He sounded good and was likable, and said a lot of good things, but he never answered the questions he was being asked.  There were even a few interviews back then where he was asked why won’t you answer the question.  And he never really answered that question either, but simply became very defensive.  All of this concerns me because I would hope that after four years in the presidency, that rookie would now have become an expert.  It just did not appear that way last night.  He should have the answers by now, he should know the facts.  Am I wrong?  Now, did Gov. Romney do perfect and answer each question directly last night?  No, but he left far fewer questions unanswered than Pres. Obama.  Last night’s debate reminded me of college.  Gov. Romney seemed to be the rookie professor with a lot of knowledge, and Pres. Obama was the fifth year senior who still hadn’t learned to properly study and prepare for his exams.  A little harsh…maybe, but true according to what I witnessed.  The other big issue I noticed was that Mr. President seemed to show little respect for his opposition during the debate.  I don’t care if he hates Romney, a good person should always be respectful.  Now we have obviously seen much worse in the past during debates, but I was a little disappointed by this.  I also took notice to how well spoken Gov. Romney was.  For the most part he spoke clearly, and was direct, not stumbling over his words.  Mr. President seemed to stumble over his words quite a bit, the speed in which he spoke changed often, and his enunciation was poor.  Again, not reaching the level of expectation for someone who has held this position for four years now.  Some think all of this was tactic for Mr. President…to come out soft and relaxed, just taking it easy.  If so, was this a good choice?  I don’t know.  As of right now I don’t think so.  It made him look foolish in my opinion.  Romney came out strong, aggressive, and passionate.  Four years ago Mr. President was passionate, but last night I kind of got the impression that he just doesn’t really care anymore.  I did agree with Mr. President that Gov. Romney’s plans don’t have much detail right now.  I think we would all love to see more detail.  However, that’s part of this process, and hopefully soon we will see more of the details in his plans.  This is something Mr. President was easily able to point out from his own experience.  When he ran his plan had very few details, but even as they were added, they were hidden from us.  Many of his plans are still being hidden from us.  I know many people don’t like to hear that, but it is true.  I’m not going to get into all of the policy talk and propaganda because that is something I believe everyone needs to do their own homework on and form their own opinions.  I did enjoy last night’s debate, and I look forward to next week in hearing what the Vice President candidates have to say.

All of this is just my opinion and beliefs, and what I saw last night.  I do not expect anyone to agree.  But I would love to know how you interpreted last night’s debate!  Share your thoughts with us!


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