I am so sorry I’ve been out of commission for so long!  Last time I posted I told you about how our home was officially for sale.  Well, now our home is under contract!  We had inspection yesterday morning (hopefully that went well)!  We sold in less than a week!  Can you believe that?!  We couldn’t!  So inspection has happened, and in a week or two we will have appraisal.  If all goes well, we will be under way for closing on Nov. 26th!  I know that seems a long ways off, but we needed to wait to officially sell the home after our 3 years is up from the 1st time home-buyer’s tax credit we received.  We certainly didn’t want to have to pay that money back!  So yes, great news there!  In other news, my hubs is back on the job search…AGAIN!  He resigned from his current employer and only has a few days left.  He does have a couple of job opportunities lined up, so please be in prayer that God leads him down the right path.  Out of respect for this particular employer, I will not go into all the details of why we decided he needed to resign all the sudden, but it was a necessary choice for our family.  So please, just keep us in your prayers.  Everything is actually moving along fine, but we want it to stay that way.  God is really working in our lives right now, and we feel very blessed!  So now that my husband is job-less and we are home-less come 11/26/12, we are on the search for a new home…or home site, at least.  We hope to go meet with our mortgage broker soon to go ahead and take care of that business so if we do find a home, we can start the process of purchasing again.  We actually went and looked at home last night that just sort of fell into our laps, and we really liked it.  I was surprised, because we left the idea of buying another home an option, but we really weren’t looking for a home.  The home is not even officially for sale yet, and the owner is doing some updating.  It reminds us a lot of our current home and neighborhood, and it’s cheaper, which means we can really get to work on that debt!  It also is a smaller lot, so it would be less upkeep for my busy husband.  We don’t know if that home is what God has in store for us, but we are excited for what he is going to do in our lives.

So, we do have a lot going on, but we chugging right along with homeschool!  This week was Letter E Week!  We learned all about big E and little e, practiced writing them, learned some new sight words that being with E, learned what explanatory means, what our emotions are, the importance of following rules, the 4 seasons, addition, practiced some thinking skills, and talked about creation.  Our character quality of the week is encouraging.  And I promise I will post the Letters D and E crafts soon!  I’m slacking, I know!

I am also happy to report that I am no longer sick or stuffed up.  However, my daughter woke up all stuffy and coughing this morning.  Bummer!!  So she has been taking it easy today, resting and taking meds.  She needs to be in good condition tomorrow because we will be attending my niece’s 6th birthday party and she is suppose to be spending the night with her Mimi and Pawpaw.  And I know she would be devastated to have to miss any of that.  Well, I hate to run and cut the posting off here, but we have to get ready for a football game tonight.  Let’s hope our guys can win tonight…

Have a fabulous Friday!


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