First MOPS Meeting

I am happy to report that today was our first MOPS meeting this year, and it was fabulous!  We had such a great time!  We had lots of new ladies, and lots of returning ladies.  We even had 10 childcare workers there!!  That is a huge accomplishment for us!  We learned a lot about friendships today, which is more than appropriate because my MOPS ladies are some of the best friends I could ever ask for.  We gave away lots of great door prizes!  …one went to me…yay!!  :0)   And our craft today (which is always a HUGE hit) was glass etching!  Everyone loved it!  I was just excited to actually be pulling my crafting stuff out of the closet for once in a very long time!  Hopefully today inspires me to do some more scrapping soon!

Also worth mentioning today…our house is officially on the MLS listing and For Sale!  Our sweet realtor came out today to take the photos to post on the listing, put the lock box on the door, and the sign in the yard.  I am super excited about the whole thing, but I am equally as nervous!  I’m just keeping the faith that our home will sell when God sees it fit and all will work out according to HIS will.

I’ll try to post about (short) school week soon!

God Bless!


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