What weekend?

I’m sad to tell you that the weekend is gone!  Frankly, I’m not sure the Kees family actually receive a weekend last week?!  LOL!  I don’t know about you, but for me it passed by way too fast!  Here’s what we did:

1. On Friday my husband had a game in Eunice (I think)…lol.  Based on what he told me about the place we didn’t go.  Which apparently was a good thing because they did terrible!  I spent all of Friday evening and night (until about 1am) cleaning the house.  (You’re thinking I’m nuts…I know…but you’ll understand why I did it in a bit.)

2.  Saturday morning Riley Grace had her first Rapides Junior Runners race at LAC!  She ran in the 4-5 year old age group, running 1/2 a mile.  Her daddy ran with her.  She did so good!  She cam in 22nd out of 27 girls!  Not bad for a 5 year old who has only run a 1/2 mile maybe 5 times in the past 2 years!  Her daddy made a point to let her know that there were more boys running than girls, and she beat a lot of those boys.  LOL!  Gotta love dads!  After the race she went and spent the day with her Mimi and Pawpaw while the hubs and I cleaned up the yard.  (Yup…MORE cleaning!!)

3.  By Sunday morning I was sore, exhausted, and very sick!  My husband got up early and finished his mowing.  Riley Grace and I stayed in bed!  We hated to miss church, but there was no way I was going to risk contaminating other people after all the sickness already going around.  And poor R.G. was sore from the race and all the playing the previous day, and wasn’t feeling too hot herself.  After lunch I did some last minute cleaning because we had a showing at 4pm of our house.  That is why so much cleaning occurred over the weekend!  See, I’m not totally crazy!  While the showing was happening, we went to look at some land nearby (found a good contender, too).  Once we got back home my husband went down to his grandmother’s house and finished up some yard work for her.

Whew!!  So now you can see why my weekend went by so quickly!  I’m not sure this week will be much better for us.  Today we had Mother’s Day Out, tomorrow is MOPS and library day, Wednesday is Mother’s Day Out and church (and the hubs has a softball game), Thursday I have an appointment, and Friday afternoon we have football.  I’m a little tired just thinking about it all!  Hopefully this crud I have will make a quick exist so I can actually enjoy all of the events this week.    Today is a special day because my cousin’s little girl turned 2 years old!  Can you believe it!  Tomorrow is my niece’s 6th birthday…which really makes me feel old!  And Friday is my sweet mama’s birthday!  Lots of celebration this week in our family!!

Oh…by the way…the high here this Wednesday is 79 degrees!!  I am so pumped about some real fall weather!  It will slowly warm up through the week, but so far nothing is set over a high of 89!  I’ll take it people!  I may live in Louisiana, but I do not enjoy the hot weather!  Fall weather always inspires me!  I just LOVE it!  What do you and your family like to do during the fall?

Have a magnificent Monday!


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