Howdy neighbors!  I think it is time for an update!  Sorry I’ve been away so long!  This last week was incredibly insane!  In fact, it was so crazy that we took the whole week off from school.  Yup, the whole week!  That would be why you haven’t seen a posting of our letter C craft yet.

On Monday, the hubs was home since it was a holiday and school was out.  So, we had planned to take the day off with him.  On Tuesday we had to run a ton of errands, so we didn’t get to our school work at all.  On Wednesday we had Mother’s Day Out, so I worked and then we had church that evening.  We usually take Wednesdays as our days off anyhow because of MDO and church.  We found out Wednesday night that our neighbor’s dog had gone missing sometime after R.G. and I had left.  So then, on Thursday, we spent all day trying to locate our neighbor’s sweet Dachshund, Oscar.  To make a quite long story short, he was not found and is still missing.  We were so devastated that we just threw in the towel and took Friday off to relax.  However, it is back the grind this week!

Yesterday I took R.G. to sign up for Rapides Junior Runners.  As a five year old she will only run the 1/2 mile, but she is very excited.  And lets face it, a 1/2 mile is a long way to run on some days for adults, much less a five year old little girl.  So we got registered and she got her bib, a t-shirt, and a bag.  She is #161!  We also had a few errands to run yesterday, so our day was pretty busy, which was good since our daddy had football practice and two softball games.

The biggest news happened today!  We have officially signed all our papers to put our house up for sale!  I know, we’re crazy!  We LOVE our home!  However, we do not like the idea of paying a mortgage every month for the next 27 years.  So, as of right now the plan is to purchase land, put a metal home on it, get all our current debt paid off and save the cash to pay at least 50% of the cost to build.  We want to live debt free, and really start making our money count.  And I don’t mean count for us, but rather for the kingdom of God.  Selling our home is a HUGE step for us.  We are literally no more than 3 miles from most of our family members, and have only been in our home 3 years.  We just LOVE it!  But…we LOVE God a whole lot more!  We don’t know what God has planned for us just yet, but we are taking this entire process one day at a time, and striving each day to follow his path for our lives.

Thanks for reading and we hope you had a great weekend!

God Bless!


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