Extra Chore Rewards

I just had to share with you what I made for my daughter today before I head out for my 3 mile walk with my sister.  You know how some businesses give customers reward punch cards.  (Like buy 10 large coffees, get the 11th free.)  Well, I made one of those for my daughter…except, her’s is a chore card.  Each time she does extra chores, she gets a punch.  Once she gets 13 punches on her card she gets a free prize.  Her typical daily chores are to keep her room clean, make sure all dirty clothes are put in her hamper, make her bed, and to keep her stuff picked up around the house.  So anytime that she helps unload the dishwasher, or dusts, or sweeps, etc. she will get a punch on her chore card.

So I know what you are thinking now…what are the prizes?  Prizes are small and random.  It will be anything from a small toy I have in a special stash I keep, a trip to get an ice cream cone or an icee, or maybe a quarter or two for her piggy bank, a trip to the park, a spa day (at home) instead of school work, or maybe to play a board game instead of napping for a day.  It can…and will (for us) be random small things and gestures.  This is just a tangible way for us to show her how much we appreciate her hard work, and a way to teach her that when you work hard in life you are rewarded/capable of doing and getting things you want.  We try to emphasize the difference between wants and needs.  In our home we focus on getting what we need, and then if we can we get what we want.  If we can’t get what we want, we find a way to work to get it.

How does your family deal with chores?  Do you offer rewards, payment, etc?


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