Convention Lesson 1

The first thing I’d like to share with you from what I learned while at convention is about hearing God speak.  The speaker for the workshop, was Stephanie Morris.  Stephanie is very involved in MOPS, and women’s ministry.  If you would like to learn more about her, visit  Overall, this workshop was good.  The true message of the workshop was great.  It was titled, Hearing God Speak.  We were provided with a general outline, and I filled in a little extra throughout the message that I will share with you.  On the handout, at the top, was ‘The Big Idea’, which states: God fashioned us in the Garden of Eden and purposed to spend time with us there.  He spoke to us regularly and we were in communion with him.  Today is no different.  God does speak to us, we need to be ready to listen…and then to act!

Stephanie told us that we should anticipate to hear from God.  All throughout the bible, we are told that God spoke to man…through dreams, symbolic whispers, miraculous signs, and many other ways.  We also know that God breathed life into man.  And…creation was spoken.  So why would not anticipate to hear from God?  In order to anticipate God to speak, you must make yourself available to God.  Spend time with God, talk to him, praise him, and most importantly…figure out where it is that God speaks to you.  For Stephanie, it’s her garden.  Maybe for you it is while you’re driving to/from work, or maybe it’s while you’re lying in bed at night.  For me, God speaks to me in many places, but always when I’m in a quiet, serene place.  Maybe it’s my kitchen, my car, my living room, during my quiet time with him, or even at work just after the little ones fall asleep.  No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I have learned from experience to always anticipate God to speak.

Stephanie also pointed out that we should listen and obey God when he does speak.  Just as he tells, we should be quick to listen, but be slow to speak (and act), and slow to become angry.  Listening is very important, because it is quite difficult to be obedient to God if we don’t fully hear what he is trying to tell us.

In order to expect God to speak, and follow in obedience, we must have faith in God.  We must have strong faith in God.  Faith that we are his, faith that he will speak to us and guide us, and faith that God has our backs.  Without faith, we can’t hear him, and without faith, we will never have the courage to obey his call.

Stephanie’s message involved a lot more of her personal story in hearing God speak, which I didn’t include as I didn’t find her personal journey as important to me as the core message, which I’ve shared with you.  But I’ve also shared a few things that weren’t said or written on the hand out, that God revealed to me during and even after the workshop.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I’ve learned, and I hope you will read the other posts about my MOPS convention experience.

God Bless!



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