MOPS & Healing

I’m back!!!  MOPS convention was amazing!  We left Thursday morning, and got back on Sunday afternoon.  It was so nice to be able to get away with such amazing women, and not only grow closer to them, but closer to God.  The worship was incredible, the speakers were awesome, the workshops were great, the resource fair was a lot of fun, and the hotel was…well…HUGE!  LOL!  We had a great time, and God really spoke to my heart while we were there.

I want to share with you a journal entry that I wrote yesterday.  I had this really nice, pink journal that I bought about 6 or so months back.  I was saving it for just the right time, for just the right kind of writing.  I knew I wanted to start journaling my thoughts and days, as well as my prayers, but I wasn’t sure how to start really.  Yesterday was my first full day back home, and my first day homeschooling (btw), and I could just feel God telling me during my daughter’s nap time that it was time for my quiet time, and that I needed to write.  So, I did, and that is what I’m going to share with you today.  I plan to share most of my writing with you as it happens.


August 13, 2012

Thank you Lord for my many blessings, and above all your mercy and grace.

I realized this weekend that MOPS is my safe place, my umbrella that helps to shield me in the rainy seasons, when the weather is rough and even when it only sprinkles.  It is where I can go and gather with other women just like myself.  Where I can go and honestly share the real me.  Where I can share my true successes, and my true failures.  It is where I can go to find fun, laughter, prayer, friendship, advice, empathy, or just a shoulder to cry on.  MOPS is a place where no matter where I am in life, or what I’m dealing with, someone else there has dealt with, or is dealing with, the same thing.  MOPS is not just an organization of women with little kids and little sanity left, even on their best days.  MOPS is a family.  It’s a family that works together, prays together, cries together, and celebrates together.  We are all mere women doing the best we can each day to love our husbands and children, to care for them, to teach our little ones, and to love ourselves…all as Christ would have us to.

There were a multitude of amazing speakers at convention; all with incredible messages for us.  I learned a lot about myself, loving others, and the will of God this past weekend.  The theme was simply love.  Loving God, loving our families, loving ourselves, and loving other moms.  God spoke a lot to me about being open and honest in my relationships with him, myself, and others.  I always felt like I had to appear to be perfect, and discussing sin or problems in my life with others was no-no.  But that just isn’t true.  God wants us to let others in.  He wants us to share truthfully, and allow others to love on us and pray for us.  I never lied about my life, but I was selective in what I shared.  But not anymore!  For God says to us, “confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed”. -James 5:16  Trying to “look” perfect is exhausting, and I’m done with it!  This is something that has been on my heart for a while, and as I’ve tried to work on it, I’ve also tried resisting God.. I was wrong for that, and now I choose to obey.  and through it all, I’m learning to truly love the ‘real’ me…inside and out.  I’ve always found loving the me on the inside pretty easy.  It’s been the me on the outside I’ve struggled with.  So, short legs, stretch marks, fat, flat feet, stubby fingers, break outs, freckles, and all…I’m loving it!  I am me, and I’m not willing to change the me that God created.  I will work on changing the unhealthy parts of me, because my body is a temple of God.  But no longer will I strive to change those things out of shame, disgust, guilt, or hatred; but rather out of love for myself and for Christ.

There is only one, true you.  Love her.



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