Lost Dog on your Birthday?!

Today was my birthday…25th to be exact.  As much as I enjoy my birthday, it was quite an emotional one today.  Our Dachshund Ginger never came home for bed last night, and was not home this morning when my husband left for work.  My daughter and I called and searched for her this morning before going grocery shopping.  I was sure she would be home when we got back.  Wrong!  That’s when I began to worry.  My husband came home, and we drove around looking for her.  Nothing.  So my husband decided to take our lab out into the woods behind our home and search in case something had happened to her back there.  Again, nothing.  I had been praying that God would help us find her all day, but now my prayers were desperate.  I feel bad for my husband, because I know I gave him the most helpless look in the world, and asked him, “What are we going to do?”.  Our dog, Ginger, is very loved…like our child almost.  And our child adores her.  I decided to be proactive and posted all over facebook.  I didn’t figure anyone would even really notice my posting.  I was wrong.  I am amazed at how many people shared my photo of Ginger, and helped spread the world.  It is so refreshing to know that people are still good, and they do care!  I can’t begin to express my gratitude for people helping us like that…complete strangers!  Still, we had no word on her.  We were really worried.  Finally, my husband’s phone rang.  A family about 4-5 miles from us had found her at their home.  What a blessing!!  We jumped in the car and went got our Ginger!  We have no idea how she got there because she would have had to leave the neighborhood (which she’s never come close to doing), and cross the highway.  However, we are so thankful that she had a collar with our info., and that such a wonderful family found her!  We can not thank these sweet people enough!  I couldn’t help but cry the moment I saw our Ginger.  I’m a softie…I know!  So, talk about a memorable 25th birthday.

Good Night & God Bless!

P.S. – Starting 31 Days of Prayer for your Husband tomorrow!


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