Menu Planning

I’m an organization junkee, so I’m trying this new thing called menu planning…for the month!  I am super excited!  I already grocery shop for a month at a time, so this will just really help organize it all and help out in the budget area.  So I thought I’d share how I’m going about this.

First of all, I’m using a monthly calendar for each month with a space in each square for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.  I got this template from Money Saving Mom.  I choose #11.

Behind this is a detailed weekly breakdown for each meal, each week.  I got this template from Faithful Provisions.

So, for each month I have a monthly calendar with all meals for each day.  Behind each month I have my 4-5 weekly menu planners.  I keep all of this together in a 3 prong folder.  Just before the new month I sit and fill out my monthly menu calendar.  Then, at the end of each week (Saturday), I fill out my detailed weekly chart.  I felt this method would work better for my family because we always unexpected things come up for the month and have to change meal plans.  This allows me to remain flexible, yet still have a plan.  It also allows me to get more detailed (on the weekly planner) since the calendar only has writing space for a main dish (and maybe one side, depending).

Anyone else use a different method?

God Bless!


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