Parenting Challenge

Hi guys!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!  We got some more trees cut on Saturday, and finally joined our church this morning.  I say finally because we have been involved there for almost 3 years now I think; so long in fact everyone thought we were already members.  Even the minister was really surprised when we went down.  :0)   We are so excited to finally be officially plugged into our church home.  God has really put this on our hearts for sometime, and last night as were getting ready for bed Justin and I agreed that it was time to step out and follow in God’s will for family.

I decided to write this post because we have hit a wall with an issue in our home.  Our daughter is 5, and we are really struggling with trying to teach her to be thankful and humble.  I know she is only five, but she has a very mature understanding of things.  She is a very loving and sweet girl, but she tends to be very….rude, I guess you could say to my MIL.  She expects her to have something for her every time she sees her (which is at least once a week, but usually more), and she isn’t very appreciative when she does get things.  This is really the first and only big issue we’ve ever had with her.  You can bet I will be doing a lot praying for her in this area.  So, I’m curious…how do you handle something like this in your home, and what advice do you have for us?   She isn’t spoiled at home.  She never really wants for anything and is very independent.  However, at my MIL’s house she is spoiled…which is okay…that is a grandmother’s privilege, I know.  We just struggle with how to show her and teach her, without having to constantly get on to her, talk with my MIL, lecture her about it, etc.  We would love to take her on a mission trip and show her first hand how very blessed we are, and why she/we should be so very thankful and humble, but financially it isn’t an option for us right now.  We’re discussing adopting a family or something of the sort for Christmas this year instead of buying all the gifts, but I’m def. in need of some other ideas…things we can do here and now.

Thanks in advance for any input on this one!

God Bless!


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